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Active Fibre Cancelled by BT and now the cabinet is full!

Hi All,


This is a bit of a long one but i will try to summarise.

Wed 1st April

  • I placed an order to switch to Talk Talk to go live Friday 17th April

Thur 2nd April

  • Talk Talk Cancelled the order (Unknown by me at the time)

Thur 16th April

  • Having not received the TT router i checked and saw the account was cancelled
  • Contacted BT and signed back with them for Fibre2 to keep on the current connection. 
  • Was assured the connection would not be cut off

Fri 17th April

  • Connection was terminated.  Told by BT this was because TT had not cancelled.  
  • Went back and forth between the two but got no further

Sat 18th April

  • TT confirmed it has all been cancelled correctly.
  • BT admitted to the issue being on the Openreach and agreed to a £30 credit for the issues.  They said the cancellation that was in place had got "stuck " and needed to be escalated.  Was told to wait for a call on the 20th with an update (They closed the complaint)

Mon 20th April

  • Called by BT to say that they have successfully escalated and that Openreach will be able to remove the block on the account  but will be Wed 22nd April.
  • BT agreed to a further £30 credit to help pay for a 3 mobile 4G router on a months contract

Wed 22nd April

  • Called BT and placed an order (Again) for Fibre 2 and was told connection would be by Thrusday
  • Complaint closed again

Thurs 23rd 

  • Missed a call from BT but got a text saying i will have a delay in getting caller ID enabled (I don't use the phone as one is not plugged in).
  • Broadband was not activated

Fri 24th April

  • Asked to have it escalated to a manager when i called BT and told the broadband order had not been placed (I have an email saying it was with price etc on it).
  • Was promised the manager would ensure my issue would be sorted
  • The Open Reach Block had not been removed and i am still shown as having active broadband but i do not.  Told this will expire automatically Sunday. 

Sunday 26th April

  • No called received at 2pm so I called around 6pm.
  • Called BT to find that the Openreach block is now removed, but i have an Open broadband order (The one they swore was not placed) that has to be removed before i can place an order.  Will be sorted by Monday

Mon 27th April

  • Called to be told that all the blocks had been removed from the account and i can now order broadband
  • Slight problem the cabinet is now at capacity and i can not order Fibre!!!!
  • Asked for this to be escalated to a manger (Again) and received a call later
  • Have been offered a standard connection with 2Mb/0.1Mb speed.  I work from home (Even outside COVID-19) and this is of no use to me.
  • Told them if i have a connection to keep a space in the line for Fibre i am not expecting to pay for this as it will not be used due to it being speeds that are of no use to me. Agreed to them placing the order.
  • Received an email saying they are going to charge me £19.99 per month! (Will bring this up with them when they call me Friday)

They have said they will check with Openreach if/when i can get capacity for Fibre but this will  be Friday before they have an answer.  They have said if i need to take out a phone line and ADSL broadband so that when fibre is in place i can add it to the order because if i do not have it i will have to order a phone line and that will delay the getting Fibre and i may miss the free slots.

The customer service i have received has been nothing short of atrocious and the staff i have dealt with while very nice to speak to incompetent.


  1. Can anyone advise where i stand with this and is having the ADSL accepting what they have done and in their eyes closing the complaint as i would have a connection.  Albeit it is completely useless to me?
  2. What sort of time frame is it to get more capacity in a cabinet as this was originally an Open Reach issue?
  3. What escalations are left open to me to get this looked at?
  4. What would my rights be in a situation like this?


Any advice before i speak to them again at the end of the week would be much appreciated


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Distinguished Sage
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Re: Active Fibre Cancelled by BT and now the cabinet is full!


You problem stems from the fact that Talk Talk cancelled your order, and BT would have already started the cease process, which is how you lost your fibre connection as it would have been allocated to another customer.

The cabinet is probably showing a waiting list. This will show on the checker below.

In order to find out what services and speed range you should be getting, please enter your phone number into this form.
Broadband availability checker

Please remember to edit out your phone number before you post the results.

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Re: Active Fibre Cancelled by BT and now the cabinet is full!

Switching during a pandemic probably not a great idea , given that should something go wrong , the usual way of resolving issues may not be available , having said that your issue may not be related to Covid-19.

I think you need to appreciate that cancelling a cancellation the day before its due isn’t giving the wholesale systems enough time to react, the relationship between providers, Openreach and the wholesale systems they all use is very complicated , all these party’s are involved , so time is needed for them to react to inputs or for cancellations to take effect, best efforts are probably made, but it was  inevitable , IMHO , that this was going to happen
You have been unlucky , in that your choice to move providers involved a fibre cab at capacity ( probably the reason TT cancelled your order ), and although you tried to cancel the cease of your BT service ( to try and maintain what you had) that obviously never worked, so you are where you are.
To be frank, it seems to me that you are asking a lot of the company you were intending to leave , effectively giving them an ultimatum, if your TT transfer had taken place you wouldn’t be here on a BT Consumer forum, so it’s fair to assume you are only reluctantly wanting to return, as the best worse choice.

You obviously could now join TT or anyone else , accepting their version of ADSL, until a port in the fibre cab becomes available, BT are certainly not your only choice, and you could of course demand the same of them, not expecting to pay for that service as it’s not what you want until the service you do want becomes available ( capacity being an Openreach issue not BT)

 I don’t really see any fault here on BT’s side, they attempted to help, it failed, but ultimately it was TT that failed you, isn’t it them that you should be ****ed off at ?

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Re: Active Fibre Cancelled by BT and now the cabinet is full!

Thanks for the reply

I agree it wasn't the best time to leave I was out of contract and they wanted to charge £58.99 per month.

They said they would drop it to £39.99 but this was still nearly double what TT were going to charge me.

What has frustrated me is being told i will not have any service interruptions by BT when signing up with them.  Incidentally they offered me £27.99 which if i would have been happy with before but that's not relevant.

Up to Saturday this week it was showing Fibre was available for me to order  IF it had not taken them 10 days to sort and issue and any of the 2 accepted orders for the fibre had gone through i would have the connection in place.

What i don't want to happen is for me to cancel this phone line & BB that i will not be using,  then when it is available i have to wait for the line to go active and the cabinet to be full again waiting for it to become active and i lose the chance of getting it again. 

Do they build a lot more capacity in when they upgrade cabinets?

Is it a first come first served for the connections?

Do you have to be an ADSL customer to be on the waiting list for it or is it just who orders it when on the website.

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