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Additional Usage policy changes - November 2010 - 5GB at £5 - Unfair practice?

Hi all,


I appreciate that majority of posts on this forum are probably to do with issues related to broadband speed/ performance etc. This is not to do with speed etc.


Quick bit of history. I have had BT BB option 1, since December 2008 and apart from 2 issues with my connection, which were resolved by very friendly and hepful BT engineers who visited my house, BB has worked great. One of the issues was to do with the phone line being disconnected for over 12 months before I moved in and changes to wiring in that time and not related to BB itself.


I have a 12 month contract because when I moved in to this rented house, I only intended to stay for 9 months and so a 18 month contract was too long. As happens, my plans changed, I am still here and I have stayed on a 12 month contract. I was not aware of many other companies offering them at the time I signed up and so took out BT after some basic research on costs etc.


When I signed up, additonal usage was £00.50 a GB. I thought this was ok, if I used an extra 5GB it woud be £2.50. This went up to £1.00 in 2009.


My post is about the new charges that come into effect in November 2010 for those on BT BB Option 1, where the monthy limit is currently 10GB.


The new policy is that for those of us on 10GB contracts, we will now be charged for additional usage in 5GB amounts. So if we use 1GB extra, get charged £5.00. I believe that this is unfair, and I do not mean emotionally unfair, but not fair business practice.


If BT wish to do what I think is quite a big change to terms and conditions, customers on Option 1 should be able to leave/ end their contract without penalty or fees.


I did log a call with support on this and did get a repy and also a phone call about this very quickly, so thank you very much support, but unfortunatley the solution offered was too upgrade. As I had stressed that I thought this unfair for those who cannot afford too or do not want to spend more than £10- £13 per month on BB, I thought this was not a very good response. I do go over my limit every month, and perhaps for me changing to a different option may be worthwhile but not if I have to start a new 12 or 18 month contract to do so. Anyway I am not raising this from only a personal perspective but for the other people on Option 1.


This is 2010, we should be paying for only what we use and nothing else. If you use 1GB extra you should pay for 1GB - not 5GB, if you use 6GB you should pay for 6GB - not 10GB.


Many years ago, 1997 I think, I used BT to make phone calls to Australia. This was before I knew that you could buy calling cards from a local shop and get 600 minutes for £10.00. BT had a call plan where you paid £11.00 I think it was for 30 minutes or an hour. I cannot remember the exact details. Anyway what I did not realise was that if you ony spoke for 5 minutes, you were still charged the full £11.00. Now I soon did realise once I had a bill of course. Now I am not quoting this to complain about this past event, I should have checked the conditions properly before I used it.


The reason I say it , is that do you think BT should be re-introducing this type of charging policy for BB in 2010, some 13 years later when surely it should be pay for what you use.


I am very interested to hear from other customers on Option 1 and also those on other Options (that were upgraded with extra usage for free by this change) on whether they think this is fair.


As said my BT BB has worked ok 99% of the time and allowed me to log onto my bank, sell items on ebay, listen to recorded programmes on iPlayer and use Teamviewer software to help family and friends with their PC's across the interent, so I am not complaining about the level of service.


My reason for creating this post is to hear other customer views on what I think is unfair practice.


Thanks for reading my post


Cheers Cel




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