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Address not listed

Hi, I wanted to check the broadband availability and my address isn’t listed. I live in a flat and BT has got the address of my neighbour who lives in a flat below me. But not mine. It’s not a new build. I already have Virgin Media broadband but their service will be 2x more from December so I have to cancel. Is there any way my address could be put into the BT database so I can join them?

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Re: Address not listed


Once you order a landline, your address will be updated on the Openreach database and the routing will be determined. Please make sure your address is correct on the Royal Mail postcode Database.

When you are ready to do this, then follow this process.

You will have to order a phone line first. Once that is working, you should be able to place an order for broadband.

Place an order for a line only using this link -

If the address doesn't appear properly when you enter the postcode, there is a section underneath where you can manually enter the address.  This will raise the order with the address showing as bronze and it will prompt Openreach to carry out a survey to confirm the routing.   Once the routing is updated the order will then progress as normal.  You can then add broadband once you have the line up and running

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Re: Address not listed

Do you currently have a Virgin phone line? You would need to mention this to BT, I believe.

If you’re switching from Virgin Media to BT

You’ll need to arrange your BT installation date first, then cancel your services with Virgin. To avoid being without a connection, let Virgin know your BT activation date and arrange for your Virgin Media service to to be stopped shortly afterwards.

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