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Archived Sticky Threads



Here you will find a list and links to old sticky threads that no longer sit at the top of the billing board.


Missing package information on some MyBT accounts **update 18/03/13**19-02-2013

When are calls to 0845 and 0870 numbers "free"? - ‎20-05-2013

Some BT TV customers incorrectly charged for Broadband usage in February 20-02-2014

Paying your bill - 23/05/2012

Broadband usage charges explained - 21/05/2013

When to use the billing live chat team - 21/05/2013

I need help with my bill - ‎20-05-2013

Claiming your vouchers - 08-03-2016

Introducing BT Plus - 23/05/2018




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