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Awaiting Installation - 6 weeks, no action for past 2.

Hoping I might be able to get some sort of resolution from this board as so far I am rapidly losing confidence in the case management team and their ability or willingness to help.

I ordered fibre broadband and TV on 13/06/2018 and it was due for installation on 03/07/2018.  On that day the engineer arrived and informed me that the copper and fibre were going to different boxes and bot needed to be fitted to the same box (PCP 3).  After phoning daily I finally had another appointment with the engineer booked and he came on 09/07/2018, only to inform me that nothing had been changed with regards to the boxes.  Since that date, I have had no engineer visit.

I have been passed to case managers who promise updates but do not call back, rarely answer their phone forcing you to leave a message and hope for a call back (which is rare), and have so far promised me 2 further engineer visits which never materialised, and have spent the last 2 weeks with zero action at all claiming they can't book any appointments.  I've seen the van around the neighbourhood so who is getting these appointments?

Due to my complete loss of faith in the case management team, can this please be escalated above that level as I don't think they are making any effort to resolve this?

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Re: Awaiting Installation - 6 weeks, no action for past 2.

@Cardno85 I'm really sorry to see you've had so many problems with getting your services activated.

Please can you send us your account information, and we'll get this investigated. You can send us your details by clicking on my username and going to the "Click here go contact the mods" link on my profile page.


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