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BPO Collections Harassment

I recently received an email from "" stating that I had ignored requests to pay up an outstanding amount of £22.66 (I had not received any such requests from BT!) and that the matter had been referred to the debt collection company BPO Collections.
Worried, I called BT directly and was told that I had no debt with BT since I had moved house in April 2018 and closed my account with them. The customer service person added that "" did not belong to BT and must have been a phishing email.
I thought the matter was closed until I received an email directly from BPO COllections stating the following:

"We refer to the above and are writing to advise that our client has instructed BPO Collections Ltd ("BPO") to recover the outstanding amount of £22.66 owed to them. Please be aware that BT has passed the account to BPO to collect the full outstanding balance and request that all payments be made directly to BPO.

Whilst this account remains unpaid, details are being registered with one or more Credit Reference Agencies. Failure to settle your account or enter into a repayment plan may significantly affect your chances of obtaining credit in the future."

So it would seem that my friendly customer service person had it wrong - or did she? How can I get to the bottom of this? Can I get hard confirmation from BT that they do not think I owe them any money? On the other hand, if they do - can they please tell me what it's for and why this is the first I've heard of this?

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Re: BPO Collections Harassment

You should contact the debt collection company and ask them to explain what the debt is for because BT have no record of it.

The company should have the full details in relation to the debt.

If you still feel it is not your debt you should also tell them that you are disputing it. This should put any further attempts to collect the debt from you on hold.

After you have done that you need to re contact BT and armed with the information that the debt collectors gave you, tell BT you dispute the debt. After that BT will deal with the matter.