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BT Account Locked

Ok not  sure if there is any connection or link here. Apparently my BT contract ran out on July 7th even though i was told August  7th. So I was on a month by month rolling contract. So Thurs lunchtime I phones  the options team about a new contract and takes one out. Later that day  deciding that I was being charged too much I phoned the Options team to cancel.

           So  the new order is going through the cancellation process and the Customer service person was ringing me back to offer a new deal. So she phones me and says she cant offer a deal yet as this one hasnt cancelled yet and arranges to phone me on Monday

         Meanwhile i goes to check my mail  on the mobile and sees server not updating  on all accounts. So i goes to log in on the Computer and am told im locked out of the account because of suspicious activities.  So i follow instructions to reset  but  cant remember the security answer. So now im stuck locked out of all the emails  not  just for me but all sub account holders. This at a time when I need access to emails  for important  reasons.

    How do I get access to my account ASAP     Help appreciated

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Locked out of BT ans all Emails

Hi  Ok  this is a further extension to a previous post after a live chat and numerous phone calls to different BT numbers .

Ok My BT ID is locked due to suspicious activity, tells me possibles breaches, I have Bit Defender and computer and mobile and am very vigilant with security.

      So Sat morning im told by Live chat that the reasons its not allowing me to reset  the passwords etc is because they have a different date of Birth  not that the security question is wrong.

So  he tells me to phone the Value team on 0800800150  he  cant help  and tells me to ring 01324452504 to which i explain it all again  who  then cant help and passes me direct to another  who  then raises a case for a call back to hopefully find a solution, which will be I have no idea when. Meanwhile all the family is locked out of all Email communications.

Thinking of a workaround  what would happen if I created another BT ID  using a gmail account. would it create and then link all the Emails  to that new ID  based on the account number, which fortunately I happen to know ??

Thoughts on this and any help  much appreciated





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