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BT Basic. Worried about exceeding my 15GB allowance.

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I'm a disabled pensioner on BT Basic and never go above the allowed 15GB allowance.  My old Windows XP computer has given up the ghost and I've just had to install a Windows 10 one I bought 18 months ago but hung on to until the day came when I had to.   The day I first started it up it downloaded a few basic updates over the course of an hour or so, which I see, on checking my BT usage, used up over 12GB of my monthly allowance sending me 4GB into the red and I'm only half way through the month!

The computer man who set up the new pc told me that once I activate Windows 10 to expect several huge updates which could well take over a week to complete.  I'm now afraid to turn the computer on because the Usage page says I will be charged £2.20 for every GB I go over my limit! I dread to think what my bill would come to next month if I let Windows 10 fully update itself.

Does anyone have any experience of this situation? Or ideas of what I should do?  I've just been told on telephone support that they cannot help or advise until after the charges eventually come up on my bill. Which is very reasonable, but it would be nice to know that maybe some allowance would be made for what would be a one-off occurence.  Or not.

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Re: BT Basic. Worried about exceeding my 15GB allowance.

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Hi @mrbarty we'll be happy to take a look at this for you. I'll send you a Private Message with detail on how to contact the moderation team. 

Community ModeratorNeilO
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Re: BT Basic. Worried about exceeding my 15GB allowance.

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You can set your Windows 10 computer up as having a metered connection.

This prevents W10 from downloading updates other than critical security ones.

See link how to do that.

This won't however stop all updates so you would need to keep an eye on it.

Alternatively if you are able to connect via wireless you could connect to the BTWifi-Fon network and let the computer do all its updates using that network which would not affect your allowance.