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BT Billing emails should be revised

Why on earth are BT still including a clickable link link in emails that tell you that you have a new bill?  I appreciate that personal details are added to a genuine email, but anything that encourages users to click on a link in an email in this day and age should be discouraged. 

I have just had to reset all of my 88 year old father's passwords as he had received 3 emails, all purporting to come from BT, only one of which was genuine.  He was having difficulty getting on to his bill - it kept defaulting to a payment page, which looked highly suspect, so I suspect his credentials *had* been phished.  I have changed all the passwords using a different (clean) PC, shown him how to access the billing page by going to MyBT from his browser manually and told him *never* to click on a link in an email, however genuine it appears.

Other organisations (e.g. HMRC) no longer include clickable links when they send emails to notify you of a need to log in to your account.  They just tell you to go to your account and log in.  Please change your practices, BT...!!   

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