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BT Choose To Refuse providing numbers from saved contacts

I have the BT Choose To Refuse feature as part of my BT package. That is, if I receive a phone call from a number I want to bar, I dial 14258 and I'm provided with the caller's number and given the option to bar it. Recently, I’ve had unsolicited calls from two different marketing companies, and I’ve attempted to bar their numbers. When using the choose to refuse service, the number I’m given by the service differs from the one on my display. I understand that sometimes ‘cold callers’ will attempt to disguise their real number by displaying another number, but on both occasions, the number I’m given to bar is the first number on my list of saved contacts and belongs to my sister.

I’ve spoken to her and she denies making any calls to me. I have not activated the call barring feature as I don’t want to block her number. I’ve tried deleting her as a contact then dialling 14258 to bar the numbers of the marketing companies and I’m still provided with her number as the number to bar. I’ve since reinstated her number on my saved contacts.

Given that the marketing companies provided different numbers and that the call barring service has provided her number on both occasions, there appears to be a fault with the call barring service. Anyone else had this problem and can suggest a solution? (I’ve tried contacting BT by phone but due to the waiting time, I’ve given up).

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