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BT Direct Debit Under Payments.

My eldery inlaws, who have been with BT for years, have had issues with BT billing since apparently 'asking to change there BT service' in Jan 15.


I have a copy of their new plan from Jan 15 which has a monthly total of fixed costs of £34.49. Whist i don't have the statement that covers the first three months on the plan, the subsequent statements show that BT only requested monthly direct debit payments of £22.50 per month until Oct 15. This was increased to £47.50 in Nov 2015 but their fixed costs had by then also increased to £41.26 per month.


This obviously built up a nice debt which has only icreased over time until there latest quarterly statement where BT have kindly increased the monthly direct debit to £62.50 per month.  


Whilst i accept some responibility must must lie with my inlaws in that they should have been aware they were paying less than the cost of the service surely some of the fault has to lie with BT. It was obvious for the offset that the direct debit was not going to cover the costs yet BT let this continue for seven months and over two quarterly billing periods. 


BT website states:


"2. Monthly Payment Plan

A Monthly Payment Plan lets you spread the cost of your quarterly bill by making fixed monthly payments by Direct Debit, based on an estimate. Each quarter we review your payments and if you’re paying more or less than you’ve used, we’ll let you know through your quarterly statement and automatically adjust your payments."


Since it was clearly obvious there was a shortfall between costs and payments over a seven month period and over two statement periods, why were payments not automatically adjusted as per the statement on the BT website?

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Re: BT Direct Debit Under Payments.

Welcome to the forum. The Monthly Payment Plan is more trouble than it's worth and your in-laws would do well to consider paying the whole bill each month. That won't remove the deficit and it would be recovered in full on the first monthly bill, but there should then be no further such issues.

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