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BT Endless problems, BT unable to resolve.

I unfortunately agreed a new 18 month bb/mobile contract with BT at start of December. I have had so many problems it is unreal and many of them are impossible to get resolved no matter how many times you ring them up. Various people do things and claim it will now all work and yet it never is fixed.

1) When I set up a family sim with 3 mobiles on it, they were all set to have a maximum overspend limit of £0, yet one of them started accruing costs, I discovered to day that one of then is set to a £5 overspend limit

2) I set up a family sim with 3 mobiles on it, yet on the BT app it showed 5 accounts on it, after much ringing it now shows 4, after much more complaining it still shows 4 accounts. On desktop it shows 3, so the app is clearly written by total amateurs.

3) I got a bill for £169.86 though the price agreed with BT sales for my new account was £63.69 pcm! After much ringing someone 'fixed' it and said I owe £47.69 which I paid. Nowhere on my account does it show the correct bill, so how that was arrived at is anyones guess, but is in the right ballpark. I cancelled my direct debit as no way am I trusting BT to take random amounts of money from my bank account. I will pay each month by phone. Online however it still shows this £169.86 bill which makes no sense whatsoever, though says 'paid'

4) With  my new 8gb sims, I am supposed to get BT sport. It has NEVER worked. I have rung and been given random future days when it will definately be sorted. that came and go. It continually says not activated, or you don't have BT sport on this account. I can clearly see I do though on the desktop site. Today it was again Definitely going to work. It never does.

5) I'd had my current router for over 2 years and it was rebooting itself quite often at random, they tested it and confirmed it was broken and said they would send a replacement. They then tried to charge me £60 for it, claiming I had agreed. Not only was this not true, but my new account came with a free router included anyway. More calls to get that resolved.

6) The new router seems to randomly drop the 5Ghz connection while the 2.6 is still there. Needs a hard reset to come back.

BT are the most incompetent company I have ever dealt with. Why I renewed when they ripped me off the last time is a mystery. I had arranged a fixed price for broadband for 2 years, but they showed it as a discount, then put the price up three times during that period. Their systems must be so fraghile, they can't even change your billing date. Customer support staff can fix nothing they just keep raising tickets, that resolve nothing. All the above issues have been 'fixed' multiple times by different people, but 'fixed' in BT speak means 'not fixed'. I now ring daily, to remind them nothing has been resolved and that their systems are rotten to the core.

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Re: BT Endless problems, BT unable to resolve.

I have asked a moderator to provide assistance, they will post an invite on this thread.
They are the only BT employees on this forum, and are based in the UK.

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Re: BT Endless problems, BT unable to resolve.

Hi @SystemFailure,

I am sorry for everything that has gone wrong and for not being able to resolve it for you.

I'd like my team to investigate each point you've raised. If you are happy for our help you'll have one point of contact and we'll do all we can to sort everything for you. To get in touch, go to my profile DanielS and then copy and paste the link which appears on the "Moderation Team Email Address" section.



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