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BT Home Move Mess

I am not usually one to spend time posting complaints online, but I have taken exception with my recent experiences with BT.

I requested that my existing Fibre/Calls service be transferred to my new property upon completion on 15-Nov, with plenty of notice I might add. I was called ahead of time to be informed that there was some sort of BT system block which wouldn't allow the broadband to be re-added to the account at the new property. A case manager, Jo, was drafted in to take care of things - she sent a text to say she would call to follow up on the broadband activation status and timeline once the landline was taken over on 15-Nov. So...already delayed with broadband in our new home at this point, but I was understanding of this and awaited the phone call from Jo on the 17th. It never came.

I set about following up the next Monday, eventually got through to someone in the order team, spent about an hour on the phone while he tried to place the fibre order on the account once more, but was blocked by BT's system. He advised that he had left a note on the account for someone to pick up this case and give me a call the following evening - once again the call never came.

I used the order team contact number that Wednesday to follow up again, the person I got through to attempted to place the fibre order again, but was also blocked by the BT system and left another note on the account for someone on the case team to pick it up and run with it. I was assured 100% that somebody would pick it up and contact me, so I waited, still patient at this point despite the setbacks.

I had no word from BT so by the time Friday came about my patience was stretched. Ended up talking with another member of staff who was advised by the case manager (hadn't heard from her at all up to this point) that the existing account would need to be closed and that a new account/order should be setup to work around the system block. I was passed to a new orders team who sorted my new account/order at a discounted rate for my troubles - a new landline to take over my landline that had already taken over the previous tenants' landline. The activation date was to be almost 2 weeks later, on 5-Dec.

That Sunday, another case manager called me to inform me that my broadband order had failed and that the multitude of failed fibre orders on the Openreach system would need to be cleansed before we could move forward, and, to boot, there were no available fibre ports at the cabinet so we were to be without broadband for an unknown amount of time. With BT's track record, I took it upon myself to spend time chasing up with Openreach to find out more. They informed me that expansion to fibre ports in my area were planned in March 2019, the case manager still had no idea as to the status of the dormant orders she had spoken about.

I logged into my account later that week to see that the new account/order that I had told had failed was still to be activated on 05-Dec, so, perplexed at this point, I called BT to ensure that this order was confirmed as it was contradictory to what I had been told on port availability - order was green, fibre went live on 05-Dec.

This morning I checked my account to find I was charged the £9.99 startup fee that I was told would be waived, and my monthly bill amount was £6 more than the amount agreed at time of order placement, so more time spent correcting this with BT. Wonder if I will be wrongfully charged for forced cancellation of my previous account?

What. A. Shambles.

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Re: BT Home Move Mess

@lewisr81 Thanks for posting, I'm really sorry to see the difficulties you experienced with your home move order. Regrettably order issues can occasionally occur and I am so sorry about the poor customer service that ensued after this happened. If you need any assistance with this please use the 'click here to contact the mods' link in my forum profile to send in your details. You can find the link by clicking on my username.

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Re: BT Home Move Mess

Same here i have been sorting my home move for 3 months.

For some reason had to change my account number from a lw to a new GB account

Issues with order stuck causing issues

Almost got it sort the final bit was bt mobile to transferr

That got stuck as well due to open hidden orders on the lw account

Bridge case rasied to sort that out

then go back in to the account to find someone in a back office had closed the new GB account and tranferred me back to the LW account only trouble was they reinstated the account onto one of my Smarttalk ID,s

So was locked out of account.

That sorted now

Tried to get the Smart hub 2

somehow 2 orders were put in

and due to all the issues on the transferr from LW account to the GB then back again

the billing assume i have broken the 18 month agreement on the package

And found a bill for £708 pounds

Broadband sale have closed off one of the smart hub2 orders

but cannot for the Billing part as bill obly genarated last night so thay cannot see what has happened

He will try to sort out tomorrow


So the Home Move team need to sort out there act

Screwed up orders and screwed up computers

and people putting there fingers in when they should be leaving things alone

told was poss due to computer upgrade on Wednesday

Hope it was not the same upgrade that O2 had


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Re: BT Home Move Mess

This issue rages on, and, despite assurances from BT that an incorrect closing bill of £148 on the superceded account was cleared/waived, I am still receiving automated E-mails threatening debt recovery and possible credit score hits.

Never have I dealt with such ineptitude. Absolute joke of a company.

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Re: BT Home Move Mess

Mine was sorted out .

Got the refund of £668 pounds

But various back office had to sort out my BTTV, what was on the account lost my discounts managed to get them back.

Tried to use BT Sport on my tablet login on my ID it say Bt Sport is not part of your account.

Strange when i am watching it via BTTV have not contact them over that.

so for 2 months appears ok.

Still would like to find out why the person jumped in on the 25th November and caused all the problems.


never got a sorry from BT for all the issues would have been nice to been given some compensation.






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