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BT Infinity 2

Hello All, 


I recently tried to place an order online for Bt Infinity 2 with anytime calls (19/3/13) , on the 7th day my order finally appeared on "track my order" and all that was there was the anytime package. I thought great they're moving my phone line across and then bt infinity would follow. Just to be sure I rung bt to ask that infinity was there and wanted to give my MAC code so the internet moved smoothly from provider to provider. The friendly lady said unfortunately all your order is "a phone package" despite having an email.


The lady I spoke to was very helpful and said the best thing would be to cancel the order and replace the next day over the phone and give my MAC code to the operator so that both my internet and phone came together. So I rung up yesterday at around 5.30pm (29/03/13) to place the order and was told that I couldn't have bt infinity 2 plus anytime calls because I needed to have the phone line first (understandable).


The lady said she would "set me up on bt unlimited broadband" and anytime calls and as soon as the internet up and running I could upgrade. The only problem with this, I don't understand why I couldn't order the top package and get the introductory offer of £20 for the first three months plus sainsbury voucher? Instead I have to have the basic package and then ring up on my activation date 17th and ask for the upgrade in which you pay the standard £26 a month?


The lady in question said unfortunately you need to set up the broadband before you can have the top package.


If anyone could clarify why as a new customer with MAC code wanting the top package could not have it straight away and would have to upgrade once the line was up and running?! I understand Bt has to acquire the phone line before the internet moves across but why should I have to ring up to upgrade for something I want from the beginning.


Any help is greatly appreciated and apologies if this has already been covered as I am new to the forum.






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Re: BT Infinity 2

Welcome to the forum. Your best bet is the BT Care Team. They are the moderators who oversee this forum and will be able to look into this for you. They may take a few days to respond (especially as it's Bank Holiday time) but you will get an immediate online acknowledgement with a reference number to note in case you need to follow up.

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