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BT Infinity & Landline activation farce! Been waiting over two months now and getting nowhere...

Hoping someone from BT will pick up on this as I have gotten absolutely nowhere with Tech Support/Order Team/Billing/Sarah the Tea Lady etc in the past four weeks...


Ordered BT Infinity & Calls over two months ago. Yes, TWO months ago. New line installation for a brand new property I have moved into. I was given an initial activation date of 23/04/15 and was advised an engineer would visit between 1-6pm. Waited in all day and guess what? No engineer!

Finally managed to get some sense out of someone at BT three days later after being passed around every suburb of India after numerous phone calls and was advised that there were capacity issues at my local cabinet and that there was a new activation date of 05/05/15 and an engineer would arrive between 1-6pm again. Great, another day off work. Pretty shocking that no-one from BT could contact me in advance to notify me of over a two week delay to my order?!

Anyway, I wait in on the 5th and surprise surprise, no engineer visit! Shortly after 6pm, I receive a text and an email telling me my service had gone live! Whooopeee! I'm a bit apprehensive as being a new property with no previous service and having an NTE5 master socket, I new an engineer would have to visit to fit an SSFP master socket so I could take advantage of Infinity (I used to work in the industry, for my sins).

So, I plug the Home Hub and landline phone in and surprise surprise, no dial tone and no broadband service. I give it until the next day in case there had been a delay or the Openreach engineer was going to climb through my letterbox overnight and carry out the work.

Next day I call BT and get nowhere. It's not until three days later that they advise me of the new activation date of 05/05/15. Again, no engineer! By this point I'm listing my children on eBay so I can carry on paying for my Three dongle...

After being passed through every fathomable department of BT on Live Chat, including the cleaning and catering department, I finally get through to someone who can 'deal with my problem'. Oh I wish that was the case! Despite telling them that I had already tested the master socket under the face plate, that I had reset and rebooted the Home Hub enough times to get repetitive strain injury, and that NO engineer had been out to fit a new master socket and that I still had NO dial tone and calling my landline number resulted in no connection, they proceeded to perform some line tests and asked me to follow some troubleshooting steps to reset my Home Hub.

Reading off a script much?

It seems that whichever number I phone or whichever chat/email option I choose, I cannot get through to ANYONE who can actually use the minutest bit of common sense and understand what I am saying to them. No engineer has visited my property, no installation has taken place. To top it all off, my online account shows all services as up and running and my line is healthy! It's just a shame my hairline and heart aren't as healthy as they were on the 22nd of April!

Oh, and to make this even more farcical, the BT Tech Support call back I received from the deepest jungles of India were all directed to... You guessed it, my landline! The landline that has not been activated, and doesn't work! Despite giving them my mobile number several, several times and notifying them that the landline was not active! 10 points to Team BT!


If anyone from BT happens to stumble across this post, could you maybe direct someone who is capable of actually resolving any issues to look into this? Two months without any form of landline or broadband service really is taking the proverbial. Maybe if you get a wee break in between doing some online shopping or creating hillarious memes of goats or whatever it is that actually happens in BT Towers (it sure as hell isn't trying to provide any form of service or helping your 'customers'), could you give your buddies at Openwretch (a wee industry insider joke, you'll get it) a call and try and get an engineer out to my property this decade? If not, could you provide me some contact details for some carrier pigeon providers?

I'm off to put a handful of valium in my coffee and hit my head off my walls for a bit longer...

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Distinguished Sage
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Re: BT Infinity & Landline activation farce! Been waiting over two months now and getting nowher

I have asked a moderator to provide assistance, they will post an invite on this thread.


They are the only BT employees on this forum, and are a UK based team of people, who take personal ownership of your problem.

Once you get a reply, make sure that you are logged into the forum, then click on their name, you will see a screen like this. Click on the link as shown below.
Please do not send them a personal message, as they cannot deal with service issues that way.

For your own security, do not post any personal details, on this forum. That includes any tracking number you are give.

They will respond either by phone or e-mail, when its your turn in the queue.
Please use the tracked e-mail, to reply, not via the forum. Thanks








This is the form you should see when you click on the link. If you do not see this form, then you have selected the wrong link.
When you submit the form, you will receive an enquiry number, so please keep a note of it





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Re: BT Infinity & Landline activation farce! Been waiting over two months now and getting nowher

Hi jamesharkness, 


Welcome to the community and thanks for your post. 


I am sorry that after 2 months you still haven't been connected even though the helpline tells you you are. I would like to take a look at this. 


Can you send me in your details using the "Contact The Mods" link found in my profile and I will take it from there.




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Re: BT Infinity & Landline activation farce! Been waiting over two months now and getting nowher

Thanks for that Olga, I have sent the information you have asked for.

I finally got through to someone who half understood the problem yesterday and they have advised me an Openreach engineer is booked for this coming Monday (18th May, 1-6pm). Could you confirm this has actually been booked in?

Thanks for your help,



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