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BT Mobile SIM only plan renewal query


I got an email today as my BT Mobile SIM-only plan contract expires in 2 weeks time. FWIW I also have BT Sport available on laptop/mobile + Fibre/Halo 1 Broadband.

My current mobile contract is 10Gb Extra Speed plan, and the email suggested I move to a 12Gb Extra Speed plan which is 15p pm cheaper.

I was hoping to avoid calling the contact centre, as I suspect they're busy enough dealing with other issues, so checked out the BT website, and got a little confused.

From My BT, I went to products -> mobile -> change plan  to see what options I had, and from  , saw 4 entries - out of a *lot* -  for a 12Gb Extra speed plan, at £10, £12, £14 and £15 per month respectively for a 12 month contract. The bullet items shown for each entry are identical, other than the £15 option including BT sport.

Could anyone provide clarification on the difference between these options, or would I best to call the contact centre?

Thanks in advance,

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