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BT Reward Card failed to activate and is now blocked

I was sent a reward card as part of my broadband signing up package in February 2021.

I made multiple attempts to activate my card in February 2021 (I have emails/screen shots from to support this), all of which failed.  Accordingly I also made multiple attempts to reach by phone a human at the BT card services contractor, but this also failed.

After a long period of Covid illness, I have now tried again to activate, and again it did not work. 

This time I did indeed manage to speak to a person at the card services company, only to be told that:

  • It was all my fault
  • The multiple card activation code emails etc. that I received proved nothing and were of no consequence
  • The funds had been “swept from the card”, as I had failed to activate within 3 months

I contend that the failure was with the IT system and support failings, and that I should not suffer a loss as a result. 

I contracted with BT on the basis of the Reward Card.

Can you assist please?



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