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BT Rewards card not arrived and BT responses terrible

Absolutlty terrible service, I switched my mother to BT Broadband in May and she is entitled to a £120 reward card, once the service was live we claimed the reward and recieved an email with a tracking link which after a few days said the card had been sent on the 21st of May but nothing was recieved. o... I contacted the BT vouchers team in June recieved a reply saying please wait for 3-4 days while BT investigate - no preply came.

I chased and recieved a reply saying please wait 5 days for BT to investigate, then another replay saying please wait 30 working days as the card is being processed, Hmmm if it's being processed whay does the BT tracker say it was sent on the 21st of May ?

OK, I waited, after the 30 days I sent another mail saying I still hadn;t recieved it and guess what a reply sayting it was being processed and please wait 30 working days .....what !! I replied with this is not acceptable and I needed a date for when it was being sent.

Another reply saying it's being processed please wait 20 days !!!, come on BT...... I replied asking to escalte the matter....recieved a reply with a complaint reference saying please wait 10 days for someone to reply !!!

This is terrible, no reward card recieved and no sensible response saying whats happening..... I can't even speak to anyone about the matter to resolve it..... BT you need to get your act together as I will not be letting you get away with this.


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