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BT Sport Billing

Evening All,


I contacted BT this weekend as I found i have been being billed for BT Sport on an old account still.

I rejoined BT Broadband on an offer deal last June which was great and pretty seemless, however this weekend i have found out that the old account with just BT sport on it was never terminated when I started the new package. No details changed at all just rejoined broadband where i get BT sport free. 

Despite being billed £32 a month for the last 12 months for no reason i've been told im only entitled to 3 months of a refund

I've escalated the complaint as i was told i was only entitled to that 3 months and have tried to find where in the T&Cs it explains that process but i cannot find it and frankly being told by the representative you should of checked your bank account sooner doesnt sit well

Perhaps your staff should have just added broadband to my original account rather than setting me up a new one

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