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BT Sport and Sky Sports with Multiroom, what are my options?


I'm a newbie so please be gentle.

At the moment I subscribe to Sky (tv and broadband) and have 3 multiroom boxes.

I also pay Sky for BT Sport which is only available on my main TV in the lounge.

I would like BT Sport and Sky Sports available on at least 2 boxes for the forthcoming new football season.

I think I've exhausted all the possibilities in my mind and I would like some advice on how others think I may achieve this sticking to one service provider.

I am prepared to move to BT for everything if necessary.

Thanks in advance.



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Re: BT Sport and Sky Sports with Multiroom, what are my options?

Don't move to BT, I have not long since had a thread on this forum about this very topic.

I have 2 BT Youview boxes and I wanted to add Skysports for the Ashes, you CANNOT have Skysports if you have 2 boxes. You can have it if you have only one box but not two, which is ridiculous, my only option was to cancel the second box. Also, I don't think you can have more than 2 boxes with BT, but I could be wrong on that. 

There is a workaround though, you need a mate who has Sky who will let you have their Sky login info, then use this to open Skygo and register your computer/laptop as a device (careful, because they are only allowed to add 1 device a month I think), then connect from your computer to your TV with an HDMI cable. This is a bit risky and a pain but works.

I am moving house soon and going to give Virgin Media a go for the first time. I am renting at the moment while our house is being built and the owner of the property I am renting would not allow a Sky dish on the house so I gave BT a go. I have always had Sky in the past but on the new house Virgin are giving me 3 free months of everything.

I have no problem with BT Youview but not being able to have Skysports is a deal breaker for me i'm afraid. 

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Re: BT Sport and Sky Sports with Multiroom, what are my options?

You don't pay Sky for BT Sport as BT sell it themselves directly on the Sky platform. As well as the normal BT Sport on Sky subscription you can pay I think £5 extra to also have it on an additional Sky box. See the BT Sport product pages and help pages.

As already stated Sky Sports is only available on a single BT TV box. If you subscribe to Sky Sports on BT TV you can't subscribe to the BT TV extra box service. Not sure why but probably just due the current agreement in place between Sky and BT. There is also no Sky Sports HD available on BT TV.
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Re: BT Sport and Sky Sports with Multiroom, what are my options?

And of course only Sky Sports 1 & 2 are available on BT TV for new subscriptions.
Some existing subscribers on the older boxes also get Sky Sports 5.
Sky Sports 3, 4 and F1 are nowhere to be seen on BT TV.
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Re: BT Sport and Sky Sports with Multiroom, what are my options?

Good luck with this...check out my post.  Multiroom with BT is not the multiroom we would be used to with Sky.  After placing an order (upgrading my exisiting contract), and querying high one off charges I was not aware of, I found out that I could not have multiroom as I was sold as it was not supported by BT yet.  I cancelled everything and am now having trouble with the bill and being charged for services I do not have.  A letter of complaint and numerous calls later and still not resolved.  BT TV everywhere is not really what we would think as TV Everywhere. My advise would be stick with Sky!  They may be slightly more expensive but have been in the TV game for a long time.  My experience with BT is that they are in little fish terriority with TV services and have a lot to learn.


Perhaps if their customer service was 100% better, their customers would support/stay with them and accept the teething problems.  Good luck!

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