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BT Sport credits and how they'll appear on your bill

Hi Everyone,

As you may be aware, BT have offered our BT Sport customers a few different options in relation to the monthly subscription charges whilst there is no live sport being broadcast, these options are,



If you have not yet picked an option then you can do so from this page, BT Sport options 


For those of you who have already chosen an option, I wanted to explain how this will look on your BT Bill to avoid any confusion.


If you chose to donate or claimed a credit you’ll see these credits on your next two bills.


  • If you claimed a credit it will appear as a sports discount in the credit and adjustment section of your bill and it will look like this;


Sport credit.png


  • If you chose to donate to the NHS, you’ll see this under the account charges section on your bill as a one-off charge.  You’ll see we’ve applied a credit to the sports charge in the credit and adjustment section.  Then we’ve added your donation to the one-off charges section of the bill so that you can see its been given to the NHS. This is what it looks like on your bill;  


donate sport credit.png


I hope this helps explain how these options are presented on your bill.




**Update** We're currently applying this month's credits and some may be added after bills have been produced. Don't worry the credit will be applied and you should see this on your next bill. Sorry for any confusion.**Update**

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