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BT Taking Customer Money AFTER Agreeing Not to!

Do BT indulge in taking money from customers that they agree they are not entitled to?! It  would seem they do. I had been with BT for 5+ yrs when my broadband started to decline, month on month, after many calls and no fixes, where things got worse and worse, they agreed that they could not deliver and would release me from my contract, if I found another provider. I did so and the service improved markedy overnight @ half the price. 

I recieved notice from BT that my final bill would be £216.21 or there abouts, I phoned and queeried this as they had released me from my contract and thus would only owe a % on the package I had. They wholeheartedly agreed and said they would sort it.  A week on, I woke to a text alert from the bank that I had gone into the red and to rectify by 2pm today,  I found that BT took £216.21 out of my account and what arrived in the post, yes a bill for £216.21 at la week after my queery was supposedly rectified. I phoned the bank and they agreed to hold off charges for 24hrs to allow me to sort out this error on BT's part.

Except BT can take money they agree they are not entitled too, but can't refund or recify the error immediately, they just say 'sorry' it will take 3-5 working days to refund the money. All they can offer is a deaf ear to allow you to grump, yet one gentleman I spoke to said they would phone tomorrow and if the money was not in my account they would speed up the process!?! In crontraditction that it would take 3-5 days! I challenge that if they could speed up the precess tomorrow, then why not today? I am sorry that is the system!  So as of tomorrow, I will start to be charged for going into the red, something I never do! I have 2 direct debits coming in tomorrow which will bounce, more charges, I have £1.40 to live off until I get paid on Monday, I have 2 children to feed and aimed to go to the shops tonight to restock basics until pay day. Not going to happen now,  and do BT care that in this age of austerity when many of us are managing every penny, taking action and pre-empting errors so as not to live outwith our means...No! They can take in a timely manner, money they agree they are not entitled to but they cannot refund in a timely manner, or rectify their error to ensure non hardship of the customer, the best they can offer is to keep phoning you back to apologise. I don't need apologies, I need the money in the bank to pay my DD's and buy food!

My error was not to cancel the DD service immdeiately the day I left and I urge everyone to do exactly that when they leave BT, let BT wait for your money in your timely manner and don't trust them to follow through on promises, even when they send emails to confirm. This is a systemic failure of BT and its archaic IT systems, it is not human error, there are too many people being mis-billed for this to be simple human error but it has no humanity at its core and doesn't reflect customer care, let alone a decent customer service. Oh and will they help to cover the charges that they caused by taking money they were not entitled too? " erm, uhm, we will phone you tomorrowmorning! So in other words NO!

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Re: BT Taking Customer Money AFTER Agreeing Not to!

Ouch Mary, not ideal.

However if the money has left your account, you can do an indemnity claim through your bank, as part of the direct debit guarantee, that will give you an immediate refund, putting you back in credit and your future direct debits you have will go through.

Then contact BT and speak with the billing team, ask them what you owe minus the early termination fees if they agreed to waive them, then make a manual payment by card over the phone, so then any pending credits from BT will wipe the outstanding balance and you'll have a clear account.

The billing team are open until 8pm.

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