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BT Vision - why oh why am I still being billed for this?

I've spent almost an hour on the phone to two BT departments to get my bill down again, you know how it creeps up when you're not looking.  I don't have time for this really but another £10 a month is significant.  I got through the broadband questions, managing a small reduction given the number of minutes that were on my fixed line plan (I use about 5% of them) plus something else.

I've queried a £5.10 BT vision billing which I've noticed has been there for over a year (when I looked at old bills) but I remember querying this charge years ago and thought it had been removed.  The call centre person said they couldn't deal with this within broadband and put me through to mobile billing (as I needed to change plan there too).  The call centre woman here was certainly more helpful but did not understand what BT vision billing was and while she was trying to find out (this is a good 20 mins into the call)  I somehow got rediverted to another BT call chain with a 20 minute waiting time.  I've hung up and was hopeful that with some ingenuity someone might realise they could infact call me back?  Nothing.  

I'm hugely busy and am trying to find out if BT can call me back about this issue please?

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