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BT are liars... After being lured to services with gift card

This has been an ongoing problem for over 60 working days! I applied for my reward card which was the only reason I joined BT on February 12th! I had phone several times are claiming as I had not received an email or correspondence regarding my claim! I was lied to twice and hung up on once! I was told i will receive correspondence or the card within 30 days! So of course neither actually happened so again I had to chase! So aparantly there was a technical issue on their side with my order so the claim didn't go through! I was not told this the previous times I called! They have now submitted my order and I will receive my card within 30 working days... The time has now passed! And I am fuming. I received an email on 15th April promising me that in 15 days I will have my reward card I even received a phone call! The card has still no arrived despite being promised to I called to chase yet again and was told that I should not have listened to the person who called AND emailed (VOL012-**********) and that it will actually take 30 working days from 15th April which was when it was sent despite also receiving an email on 28th march to say it's on it's way and it has been sent. (Confused right!)

BT staff have wound me up and lied to me one time too many! They have made me so angry and it frustrates me that they think it's Ok for their customers to be treated like this! I'm sure if the tables where turned it would be a different story! Clearly their staff have been sensible and opted for Sky!

I think it's disgusting that BT lure people in to their services under false pretences and then give the most awful customer service. This is something I will be looking into as I am sure it's classed as FALSE ADVERTISING! This is being taken further!
I am sick of being hung up on and being given conflicting information as well as being called a liar is COMPLETELY UNACCEPTABLE and how dare BT treat my husband and I in such a disgusting manner.

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Re: BT are liars... After being lured to services with gift card

I have asked a moderator to provide assistance, they will post an invite on this thread.
They are the only BT employees on this forum, and are based in the UK.

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Re: BT are liars... After being lured to services with gift card

Hi @Kennygeoffrey,


I am sorry to hear that you haven't received your gift card. I'll be able to help you with your complaint. Please can you send me in your details using the "Contact The Mods" link found in my profile?





Community ModeratorPaddyB
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Re: BT are liars... After being lured to services with gift card

I am in excatly that same situation and will be taking matters further in the next few days when the second promise of 30 days expires. 


More people need to voice these issues to make BT accountable for what is essentially mis-selling, which is of course strictly not allowed. 


Go public - as in the papers, contcat the ombudsman, the office of fair trading, your local MP etc - that is exactly what I intend to do.

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