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Re: BT at it again - Cancellation within 2 weeks

Hi @Danith04 Welcome to the forum and sorry you are not happy with the BT Sport offers.


Did you order BT Sport when you placed your order originally? The current deals would not have been available when you placed your order on 15/10/17.

If BT Sport was not part of your original order then it cannot be added with the terms and pricing of an expired offer. 





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Re: BT at it again - Cancellation within 2 weeks

@Danith04 wrote:

But now the advisor says I'd have to pay early termination fees as its 14 days FROM THE ORDER DATE


I'm arguing that it's 14 days from the activation date - which is right as how would I know how bad the service is (still is) until it's activated?!

BT Home Phone and Broadband T&Cs :

cooling-off period – the period from the date the agreement is made 
until 14 days after: •◦the equipment (if any) is delivered; •◦the service start date; or •◦the day you receive your order confirmation; whichever is latest. 10. When you can end the service and this agreement a. If you change your mind about a service, you can cancel the
agreement during the cooling-off period, as explained in clause 5.
You do not need to give a reason and you won’t have to pay a fee
for leaving early.


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