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BT back-pedalling on contract renewal offer


My BT landline and contract was due to expire 2 weeks ago and after shopping around decided to go to Sky. Within 24 hours of signing up to Sky, I got a BT phone call on 21st September asking why I was changing (cost), and making me a counter offer for Broadband Fibre2 and a 700 minute monthly plan at £8/month. I accepted the offer and cancelled with Sky the day after. I was all ready waiting for the Openreach Engineer to arrive on 6th October but when I checked on-line on 5th to confirm time I found out that the order had failed earl on (Openreach had cancelled) but nobody had told us. In fact we had kit delivered and lots of emails from BT saying things were going as per plan. Talked to BT on the 5th who cancelled the order with the intention to reinstate the original order within 24 working hours. Called after 1 working day to be told that BT was no longer offering 700 minute plan but could only offer pay as you go or unlimited at £10/month. BT accepted that I was being asked to pay  extra but credited me the difference. So far so good but a few days later was told yet again the new order had also failed (Openreach cancelling Engineer visit again). This time it took 3 working days to cancel that order during which I received more duplicate kit and packaging from BT to send old kit back. Order had apparently failed due to a landline porting number issue. Spoke to BT again today to reinstate the order only be told that they could offer me broadband at original September offer but landline package had now jumped to £18/month and they couldn’t replicate the cost of the original offer or credit me. I feel very let down as not only has the order been cancelled twice because of BT/Openreach but I have also cancelled with Sky and am now out of contract facing an increased price if I stay with BT. I always honoured offers and followed through in my business. We’re seeking legal advice but also considering if we should go talk to Sky again.

I feel BT has been very unfair.

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Re: BT back-pedalling on contract renewal offer


My understanding of contract law is that any statements & offers that induce you to accept a product or service forms a contract & it should be delivered on that basis.

However, my view is that you should contact Sky & explain that you were, basically, duped into taking a BT package that won't now materialise & can you still have the Sky package that you were going to have.

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Re: BT back-pedalling on contract renewal offer

Thanks for the suggestions. I shall certainly speak to Sky accepting that they don’t have to re-offer the same package.  

some additional grist for the mill for anyone else in a similar position. 

1) When I verbally accepted the BT September offer, I was told it wouldn’t be processed until I cancelled with Sky (luckily it was during the cooling down period so no Sky costs).

2) BT’s order process is domino like. When Openreach cancelled, the entire order failed and had to be cancelled. The option of BT sorting the number porting issue with Openreach and rescheduling the appointment wasn’t on the table.

3) BT always implied that the order was cancelled on my instruction rather than because the order failed.

4) when I mentioned the change in price I was advised that there was no contract in place, the offer was pre-contract and that BT constantly changed their offers.

5) when advised that I’d cancelled with Sky because of their offer it was implied that I could always just go back to Sky.

6) some phone operators and line managers seem to have more latitude to offer options than others.

i suspect that after being a customer for 30 years I will now go to Sky but would like to get some feedback to BT but have no idea how to get to the right person.


thanks again

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Re: BT back-pedalling on contract renewal offer

" I always honoured offers and followed through in my business."  Are you a buisiness customer? If so you are on the wrong forum.

You should be here. 

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Re: BT back-pedalling on contract renewal offer

No I’ve been retired a couple of years now.

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