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BT broadband increase in price

I have just checked my bill and the price has increased by a couple of pounds. I rang them to see if i can cancel and switch providers but they said they wont without a penalty.
Apparently they sent a email to me but I cant seem to locate this email nor find it. I even checked my junk mail. The only way I found of of the price increase is when i checked my direct debit this month. The ladt said I was informed in June and had 30 days in june to cancel without a charge. But i feel that it is unfair and i did not receive any correspondence with this i do t believe in mid contract rises and i certainly feel that after the payment gone through should there be a cancellation period not months in advance. Anything i can do to disconnect i am still contracted til june 2019, was told it would cost £300 to cancel
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Re: BT broadband increase in price

You could ask to renew the package at your old price if possible on a new 18 month contract/promotion, mention you never recieved the original email notification.

To stop it happening again you can add to your email address book, so any future emails get to your inbox, just incase they're in spam/junk, alternatively you could change your preferred method of communication to letter, then your notifications will be sent by post.

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