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BT cancelled my broadband order

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Hi there!

Here's what happened to me as a "returning customer":

- ordered a BT superfast broadband on Sunday 31.03.2019 somewhere in the afternoon + paid £219 in advance for line rental saver

-received few emails from BT describing my package and bills

-BT texted me a message saying "Hello it's Arockia from BT. This is to inform that the order you placed for services with us has been cancelled, as your present service provider isn't accepting the number port request. Please have a word with them and get back to us. Thanks"
- called customer service and I've been informed that there was a glitch somewhere and the order has been cancelled and founds will be transferred to my bank account within next 5 days
-Tuesday - I ordered the same broadband, paid another £219 in line rental saver went smoothly - line will be activated etc.

-called BT billing team on Friday and customer rep. told me that £219 will be definitely back on my account by Tuesday

- now, a week later (and 5 working days) after I've been reasured the money will be back ( it's Tuesday today) NO MONEY!!!

It's £219!! Quite a lot of money!
Lost my patience - called BT (AGAIN!) to ask where's the money, nobody knows anything!! That is one massive joke! I've called BT 4 times, heard 4 different versions, all 4 calls took a minimum of 30 minutes and haven't resolved my problem!
Customer service is absolutely useless! I wanted to speak to a supervisor and I was told I can't do it (!?) Such an incompetence!
Made a complaint but customer rep was not going to write a full explanation why I am complaining but he put his own "light" version.

Where's my £219 BT !? This is how you treat customers that are returning to you hoping for a better service?
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Distinguished Sage
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Re: BT cancelled my broadband order

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I have asked a moderator to provide assistance, they will post an invite on this thread.
They are the only BT employees on this forum, and are based in the UK.

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Re: BT cancelled my broadband order

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Hi @mexicobart  welcome to the forum and thanks for posting. I'm sorry that your original order had to be cancelled and that you are still waiting for the refund of the advance payment you made. I know that payments that are refunded can take up to 5 working days to be arrive in your bank account from when we arrange the refund. Hopefully this is already in the process of going back to your bank account. I've sent you a Private message explaining how you can contact the forum moderation team and we will be happy to check on this for you. 
Check here:


Community ModeratorJohnC
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Re: BT cancelled my broadband order

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Escalate to elc,executive level complaints department send email to current ceo of bt then go to papers and small claims court of they don't return the money

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