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BT cancelling orders since 10th August

Can anyone help me? Since the 10th August I have attempted to renew our BT fibre broadband 3 times! 

Each time has been cancelled by Openreach. Each time has resulted in hours being spent on hold with BT while they try and resolve the issue. Each time they tell me the following:

1) it's stuck in the system. 

2) everything has been cleared and we can restart the order now

3) please call back in 5 days to see if its been fully resolved

4) everything is sorted now

5) order gone through. Everything fixed

6) order randomly gets cancelled

Then I phone up and restart the whole process again. Each time the customer service rep says "I'll be off for a few days now but I'll check the status when I'm back".... they never do. 

I'm so fed up. And now I'm out of contract and paying £38 a month instead of £29. 

Nobody seems to be able to get through to Openreach and no actual reason is given as to why the order didn't go through. 

We feel like we've reached deadlock now. I've wasted 6+ hours on the phone to BT. And I can sense the scripted responses to all my complaints. Which have been raised, closed and restarted.

As it currently stands. Most recent order has been cancelled. A complaint is in progress but I refuse to try and place another order until the issue with openreach is sorted. Also fed up of BT expecting me to be on hold for 2 hours a time.... 

What can we do? 😞 

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