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BT changed my service without my consent

I moved house and my service activated in the new address on 29/01; there were some problems, but they were fixed after I called and everything was working fine.

On the 02/02 I received and email saying my service would be stopped and another two emails saying my new service would be active from 13/02. I called inmediatly and they told me they found some problem with my phone line (which I don't use) and those emails were a result of trying to fix the problem, but I wouldn't notice any changes and my service would not be stopped or changed. Also, I would receive some other notifications, like some letters or emails, but I shouldn't worry and there were no need to call.

Last night my broadband stopped working (purple flashing lights on the hub) and I've called this morning. The person I was speaking to didn't understand what had happened and had to go to talk to different people to find out that indeed my broadband has been stopped and now I only have a landline service and there is nothing they could do to fix it at the moment, so someone from another department would call MAYBE later today or tomorrow to see if they can fix the problem somehow and to let me know how long would I be without service.

Apart from this, on the emails said that I had to pay an amount from finishing my contract early and I had a new 18 months contract starting from today because of the new contract, when I barely had 6 months left.

I imagine this counts as a breach of the contract from BT and I would be able to cancel my service if I decided to, as they have changed my service without permission, even after I contacted them to make sure this wouldn't happen.

Anyone had a similar problem?

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Re: BT changed my service without my consent

Welcome to this user forum.

This will need to be looked at in detail.

I have asked a moderator to provide assistance, they will post an invite on this thread.
They are the only BT employees on this forum, and are based in the UK.

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Re: BT changed my service without my consent

Hi @mmedinillaa,

Having read you post I'm sorry things have gone so badly wrong following your home move order. 

I'll be able to help you get back on line. I've sent you a private message, please can you reply to the message with your details and I'll take a look at what is happening with your service.



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