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BT delaying the termination of my line

I've had issues with the BT line for months (almost certainly a physical line fault to the building). On July 4th I contacted BT by telephone on the suggested number and (following literally months of calls, waiting and no results) told them to cancel the line and I'd pay my current bill. They insisted on nearly £300 of cancellation charges. I pointed out the existing faults and sent 5 pieces of evidence including transcripts of the "support" online and notes/shots of line speeds and issues which were not resolved. I also showed them how their agent once identified the fault, confirmed an engineer was needed but that one never came / was denied needed in follow up calls. I replaced the whole BT system with mobile 4G in June to simply get around the issue and work from home reliably. 


Since my call on July 4th, despite emails promising my evidence that BT broke the contract, not me, plus confirms by email my documents had been passed on to the persons manager, nothing at all happened (today being the 21st of July). I called AGAIN today to speak to Rowan on the Belfast team who took details AGAIN and looked into it, confirming no action happened, no manager got back to the emails and nothing at all had progressed. I was IGNORED again. All while the BT bill is of course mounting up. They did, this time again, promise to escalate the issue.


I told the agent today I'm leaving for Japan on Friday for weeks/months. I told them again I had requested the line/broadband to be cancelled on July 4th. Now I'm told to wait for a response again unless I pay the £300(ish). No other company in the world could have the balls to try and charge you when they fail. Especially when documented evidence is sent to them, for three weeks - and ignored and acknowledged to be ignored. The line speed, quality, drop rate, all have been faulty from the start. They simply didn't want the expense of fixing it. I paid for "the best package, top level you have" and got sub-working, barely there service (with none at all on complaint).


I pointed out I will no longer even be in the property from Friday yet am warned that if I don't continnue to pay my rental charges, it will result in defaults and credit issues---- I WANT TO CANCEL THE LINE DOESNT WORK PROPERLY! I am not someone who fails to pay bills, I want to pay for usage in full--- but nothing more. I signed a contract to provide the top infinity broadband and a working high quality line to my home and I didn't get that. I also presumed (although I doubt its in the contract) that BT would have to respond to complaints, requests for help, issues and faults. They didn't. Yet I kept paying.


In the future, in another building, the BT service might be fine. Here is is not and it's not my fault. I have replaced my telecoms method because I had to at my own cost. Of course the only thing they offer now is "more technical support"-- how about review the five transcripts I sent you... your "technical support" didn't work / was useless / was lies and now I want out.


Of course before I leave on Friday, I'll have to pay the full requested cancellation charge. On my intermittent, slow broadband connection or via the hardly there phone line. And that is a terrible, horrible thing. The only method I have beyond this is to try and recover the payment through legal action afterwards when I return. At my own cost.


BT are criminal, in my opinion. If someone can assist in the closing of this account before Friday, without further upset, they should contact me. My account number is GB*******- within that account you have my contact data.


Thank you to ANYONE who can help me. I keep seeing signs for 90% of people would reccomend BT Infinity to a friend. God knows how bad it is for the other 10%.


Shah Sass 

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Re: BT delaying the termination of my line

Hi shahsass,


I'm sorry to read about the problems you've recently had with BT and we'll be happy to look into this for you. Please use the 'contact the mods' link in my forum profile to send in your details. You can find the link by clicking on my username.



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