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BT do not know who my "debt" was sold to.. I cant pay or dispute the amount of 46 Pounds. Help!

Phase 1

·       BT account created five years ago (2015) in my name

       The account ‘defaulted’ in 2017, showing 187 Pounds Outstanding  

·       I received no correspondence to this effect and have no recollection of the account

·       Departed the UK for the United States in October 2016 and have lived abroad since

Phase 2

·       Returning full time to the UK and finalizing my mortgage

·       The default appeared on my Experian credit file August 2020

·       Contacted BT – summary of their response below 

o   The account was closed a number of years ago; we have no information on it

o   Contact the debt agency – (They do not know who the debt agency is)

o   We cannot help - contact Experian

I am currently unable to:

  1.        Dispute the account
  2.       Settle the account with BT

The strange thing is that in the correspondence between BT and Experien, the amount of debt changed: 

There is an outstanding balance on this account of £46.75 which relates to invoices dated from 06/12/16 through to 08/03/17 when the account was canceled due to non- payment.  The last payment we received to this account was on 25/09/17  (I DID NOT MAKE A PAYMENT THIS DATE)

Please advise the customer to contact BT Customer Services on 0800 800 150 to make a payment or if the customer wishes to dispute the charges.  Once the outstanding balance has been cleared, the Credit File will automatically update to show as a satisfied default."

When I contact BT, I cannot make a payment!

I can't get a mortgage because of it! Please can anyone help me!


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Re: BT do not know who my "debt" was sold to.. I cant pay or dispute the amount of 46 Pounds. Help!

Hi @radams3396 and welcome.

I'm sorry you're having problems tracking the debt. I'm not sure there is a lot we can do to help but I'll be happy to take a look. I'll drop you a private message so you can get in touch. 



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Re: BT do not know who my "debt" was sold to.. I cant pay or dispute the amount of 46 Poun

Doesn’t the debt get sold on, ( hence why the amount owed changes, the new company that now hold the debt add on their own admin ( recovery ) charges etc, quite often more than the amount originally owed ), so isn't your debt ( if indeed it is yours ) owed to whatever debt recovery company that now hold your debt...surely the Credit Reference Agency should be able to tell you what company has marked your credit file , rather than the company to which the original debt was owed.
AFAIK, company’s that sell on debt retain no interest in the original debt , so shouldn't the debtor settle with the debt recovery company ?
Its quite likely company’s like BT shop around for the best price when selling debts , so as you have found advising you after a few years , on who now owns the debt is impossible , that why ( I would have thought ) it’s the CRA that should tell you who now owns the debt.
TBH, the dates seem more than coincidental , so is it the case you dispute the debt is yours, or that you accept it’s your debt ( the changing amount is incidental ) and you just need to know who to settle with ?
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