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BT engineer did not turn up and says order complete when it is not

I am in a new build house. A BT engineer has not shown up without any notice to install the phone line/broaband on two occasions leaving me without broadband and phone for over a month. After an hour on the phone and being passed to 7 different people no solution was offered and they said the order is complete. A hole with loose wires near the front door where the house builders said BT would be coming to install a box says differently. Also I have had BT broadband at previous addresses and they have always come to set up the modem. I have submitted complaints to Oftel, the ombudsman and also the BT complaints system (I made good use of the time I was put on hold on the phone). BT has greatly exceeded its deadline of 72 hours to address the written complaint. I have just come across another tennant on the same estate in Beechwood Park in Truro who has said they had to wait from December until May to have a phone line installed. I am hoping I will be luckier. Is Sky better than this?
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Re: BT engineer did not turn up and says order complete when it is not

Hi greenwooda1,


Welcome to the forum - I'm sorry to hear of the problems you're having getting your service installed. Unfortunately the engineers in and around Truro were a lot busier than usual due to network damage being caused by recent lightning strikes which would have likely contributed to them missing some appointments, although I understand this might not mean much to you as you're still sitting without service. If you could fill out our contact form (the link to which you can find in my profile under "about me") we can check your order and get it back on track.

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