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BT infinity HomeHub 5 flashing orange / new customer

I had sky broadband until this morning when I was switched over to the apparently super-fast bt infinity up to 37mbps. Sold to me by a very keen salesman who didn't want me to leave BT.

At 12:30pm I received a delightful text telling me my new super fast infinity package was up and running. As I watched my happy fully working sky broadband box turn orange and go offline I plugged in my new HomeHub 5 (yes bt, I plugged the mains socket into the "mains" socket and the "DSL" into the "dsl") although I love the fact your tech team ask those questions!

I watched in anticipation as the home hub fired up but then started flashing orange, a quick look in the manual and there was nothing about flashing orange lights, there's plenty about the other colours of the rainbow but nothing about the power light flashing orange. So I called BT... "Turn the unit on and off again" I was told by BT tech, wow guys... genius, it's not like I'd thought of that but I did it again anyhow. Still a flashing orange light.

I was then told to wait a few hours which I did and again all I got was an orange flashing power light. I called BT tech again who once again said... "Turn the unit on and off again" these tech guys in India really know how to fix stuff things. Still an orange flashing light. I was then told to wait until midnight and it should be working.

Ok, so I work from home in media and need the internet to communicate, deliver & receive files, sometimes large files like video & audio. I have to make sure this is up and running by the morning or my job is going to go very wrong tomorrow. I stayed up till midnight and tried it again..... And of course the HomeHub just sits there, goes through it's power up cycle then flashes orange repeatedly (for over an hour). I called bt tech again and guess what "turn the unit off and on again" sigh.

As a result I will be calling 0800 800150 tomorrow cancelling this non eventful package and asking for a full refund and my PAK code.

Thanks BT, I won't be coming back.
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Distinguished Sage
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Re: BT infinity HomeHub 5 flashing orange / new customer

You cannot cancel without paying full cancellation charges, now that your service is activated. You need to give BT chance to fix the problem.


You need to report the problem to BT, and they will arrange for a visit.

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Re: BT infinity HomeHub 5 flashing orange / new customer

Hi NigelM,


Welcome to the community and thanks for your post. 


I am so sorry to hear about the problems you are having. It sounds like you are having a nightmare with this. 


Please send me in your details using the "Contact The Mods" link found in my profile and I will take it from here. 




Community ModeratorOlga
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Re: BT infinity HomeHub 5 flashing orange / new customer

I keep quoting this clause from the T&Cs for BT Broadband:-



Using the service

  1. You must not use the service for any commercial or business purpose whatsoever unless we have given you permission to do so. If we find that you are using the service in for business or commercial purposes we reserve the right to limit or terminate the service immediately.
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