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BT lost my acct opened a new one with no details & money still leaving bank + Customer service hell!

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I have just spent the best part of my day today trying to get to the bottom of a problem with my recently activated BT account. This is not the first whole day I've spent trying to sort this out. I would hazard three working days so far ...



On 26 October 2016  I joined BT for phone, Infinity1 broadband, and inclusive landline calls. I paid a years line rental up front. I got a good discount deal through including discounted monthly broadband rate and discounted mobile call rates.  


8th November 2016 was my activation date.


9th November 2016 I received my first monthly bill through email which showed activation fees and calls up to that point. This bill had my new account number on it (ending **13). All well and good up to here 🙂



Online account setup:

I tried to join MYBT to set up an email online account. It said I already had one, that had my new account number on it (ending **13), plus another random account number on it too. I thought it may be an old BT account from years ago and that was possibly why it said I already had a MYBT online account.


Although MYBT had these 2 account numbers linked to it, it showed no active accounts were available - no billing, no details, no recent usage (message said no active products or services linked to this account).


Customer service call 1:

I called BT and their customer services department tried, but said that they were all showing up on the screen they were looking at, so didn't really see any problem. I eventually sussed out they were talking about their screen showing them that I was a BT customer and not talking about my online profile which they couldn't fix! When I got this across they said I needed technical help team but I had to leave to pick up my kids from school by this point so had to leave it for another day.


Customer service call 2:

I called back a few days later and I explained my situation, problem, what the previous customer service agent had said about needing tech help and he said, no he could sort it. He said both those account numbers were incorrect and just mistakes, and he gave me a different account number (ending**81), saying this was the correct one, which he added to my MYBT online account.


I signed into my online MYBT account and saw that it was still showing none of the billing history or product details for my account, which was the original issue I'd called the first time about. He said  it will take 48 hours to show up those details.


I have since figured out what he had actually done was CLOSED my entire BT account (ending **13) and replaced it by opening a new one with a different account number (ending (**81) because he couldn't fix the problem, which tech help could probably have easily have done!


There was a pause in my checking up on the account here as my father passed away suddenly leaving me to organise a funeral, settle his affairs whilst trying to make Christmas happen for my young family.



When I had the opportunity to check that my BT online account had been sorted out, I discovered that I had the same original problem with this account (**81) as with my first account (**13). No details showing on MYBT online account (message saying no products or services are linked to this account).


13th January 2017

Customer service call 3:

So as to avoid the having to pick up my kids in the middle of dealing with this I started at 10 am today!

I tried calling customer services who couldn't hear me and line went dead.


So I tried a live chat and have spoken to 3 different departments - customer services (Sheeba), technical help level 1 (Tulika), and technical help level 2(dont know name) (all at the Indian call centre).


Customer service call 4: Sheeba

Explained situation to Sheeba, who agreed I need tech and passes me on to Tulika.


Customer service call 5: (Tulika)

During the online chat Tulika wrote something that was not even a discernable sentence, I told her i didn't understand so she called me to talk on the phone to understand each other better. I said I needed tech and she said she WAS tech! I said then I need a more techy tech and she said that she was it.


Tulika kept telling me that my details WERE on the screen while I assured her that I was looking at it right now and its not showing! I eventually gleaned that she was not even talking about my MYBT online screen, just her info screen showing that I was a BT customer, nothing to do with the online profile!


After a lengthy discussion she said 'you need a level 2 tech team!' I will get them to call you back, how about 3pm!! I explained that i had started this call at 10am so i would be done by the time i had to pick up my kids, she said shed book me in for a 2pm call then. I said if you are booking an appointment how soon can you book it for, she said they need at least an hour, i said so 12 then? she said she book  it for 1230, i said fine, they called me at 1.30!


Either Tulika or the level 2 tech team cant remember which one, asked me to type something on my pc which I did - then suddenly they had control of my pc! They did not explain that they were going to do that or ask permission, I would have been reluctant to give that sort of access if they had asked for permission first.


Customer service call 6: level 2 tech help

The level 2 technical help person said that the account number ending in **13 had been closed (so it was not an error it was an actual account that had been closed now). But despite my asking couldn't tell me how, by whom or when.


Not till nearly a whole day into dealing with this did I work out that the first call to customer services in November had caused half my problem by closing my account and failing to set up a new one properly. I was concerned at this point that this new account may not have the same discounts I'd originally secured.


 The level 2 tech help person could not even tell me the date that the **81 account had been activated. The agent suddenly got all cagey and said they didn't have that information on their screen. I said so you are a level 2 technical help team and you cannot tell me when this account was set up? she said no, and she had now fixed my problem and was ending this call! I said but I am still looking at the screen and you haven't fixed anything. She said it will take 48hours to show up on my screen!


I had to provide a feedback form at the end. I said the query was not dealt with, and I was not a happy bunny! I had started the call in the morning so I could do it without having to run out and get the kids and it now was at 2.55pm! and had to go without any progress!


Customer service call 7: customer feedback call made to my mobile

While at the school someone from Indian call centre called me on a bad line to say had they dealt with my query satisfactorily, I said no not at all but was out at the moment. They said okay, I am looking at your account and have fixed your issues right now, it is now all dealt with and I am terminating your enquiry as we have fixed your issues, by the way it will take 48 hours to show up!


All the customer services people I spoke to said as its a new account that's why there is no bills yet and it will take a while for them to be calculated. I was beginning to think maybe I'd accidentally set it up for quarterly. Then I noticed when checking my bank account, that there were bt payments coming out of the originally set up direct debit with the **13 reference!  So I decided that I would try calling the cancellations department today in a last ditch attempt to sort this mess out. If I could get through to someone competent I would stick it out with bt if not Im off.


10th February 2017

Customer service call 8: cancellations dept

I called and explained the situation to the cancellations dept. They looked at the account and said that they could see it was a right mess! The cancellations man apologised for the mess, and said he'd get a tech man to look at it. I said please don't put me back onto customer services in India and he said no it was a guy in his office. He put me on hold for a bit, then said they thought it may be a fraud case, and they didn't know where the monthly payments I said have come out of my account have gone, and did anyone have access to my email address, and did i live alone!


 I said that i was now worried because the call centre in India had taken over my pc and he said did you call them or did they call you? I'm seriously worried at this point, and  panicking that  your customer service centre in India was dodgy.(they did call me but it was while I was talking to them on a live chat through so does that still count?) At this point he said we need to know where these amounts you say are coming out of your bank are going and said ....   I'll put you through to billing, I said noooo.. too late, I'm on hold again and then ... the Indian call centre staff picked up


Customer service call 9: billing

 I said I need to be retransferred to the previous person at cancellations again straight away and they put me on hold for 5 mins then the line went dead!


For the love of god someone help me. This was a really simple problem, now I feel like cancelling everything wiping my hard drive cancelling my credit cards and moving to the woods to be an off grid spoon whittler!


I checked my online banking direct debits and it said there were 2 from BT, one with the account number ending **13 which had taken my first months payment in Nov 16, and subsequent monthly payments in December and January. Also a second direct debit, showing the new account number as its reference saying awaiting verification but with no payments taken from it. Worried about the fraud thing i cancelled them both!


The Dec and Jan bills were both over £40 each which seems too much, i cant check as no one can help me get billing info.


I need the calls itemised from November up till now as i need the figures for calls relating to my dads death and bills for my probate forms And to split house bills between adults at home. I don't know if the discounts i secured when opening the account are still being applied, as this could account for the high bills.


UPDATED I called complaints on live chat and they said there was never an acct ending **13 and that the activation date on the new acct number was the October one but there is no bill history at all, usage or details for the account and to wait till they are back in the office on Monday so she can look at it. Actually, she then said, I am not sure I will be here till Tuesday...


Cancellations may be getting a brief call in the near future ...


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Re: BT lost my acct opened a new one with no details & money still leaving bank + Customer servi

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I have asked a moderator to provide assistance, they will post an invite on this thread.
They are the only BT employees on this forum, and are based in the UK.

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Re: BT lost my acct opened a new one with no details & money still leaving bank + Customer servi

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Good Morning @lucifee,


I've been reading over your post and I'd just like to say that I'm sorry for everything that you've been through. Your complaint should be taken seriously. We'll take over everything for you and be your sole contact until we get everything sorted for you. We can also speak with our Fraud department to find out if they think anything untoward happened and we will update you personally. It'll take us a couple of days to pick this up for you so please contact us asap by clicking on my user name and then on contact the mods.





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Re: BT lost my acct opened a new one with no details & money still leaving bank + Customer servi

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Hi @lucifee,


Just a quick line to say I can see this has now been sorted. Post back if you have any other problems and we'll be happy to help.


All the best



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