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BT mobile phone "Discount" at BT shop


We have just repackaged our BT broadband, TV & mobiles (3 sim onlys) which were all out of contract, when the order emails came through for the new sim contracts each email included this:

"Don't miss out on your £50 discount

Claim your £50 discount to use on one of our specially selected 4G smartphones. Enter code VOL013-####### when asked. More terms apply. "

So I clicked on the link expecting the discount to be available on a wide range of phones including wrong I was!

Surprise, syreprise, its only available on 4 "top end" Android phones, 3 Samsung Galaxys ((S7 & S8+ & the Google Pixel XL, all over £500.

On the page it also includes 4 iphones, BUT in the text before the range it states:

"*Please note: The £50 discount promotion does not apply on iPhone purchases."

So BT you are basically offering diddly squat off these phones & nothing off any there any point in offering the £50 discount, its not worth the space its given in the email, BT might as well put "we would like to offer you money off a very very limited range of smartphones over at BT Shop, but to be honest you can get them cheaper elsewhere"

And why have iphones on the "offers" page if the discount cannot be used with them! At least the prices of these are consistent with other sites, but if BT would include the disocunt, they would be worth looking at.

We have been long term BT costumers, & had BT mobile since they first came back into the mobile world with BT Fusion (early 2000s) when the phones could link up to the BT hub & use the much for loyalty.

I raised a far been passed to billing, mobile sales, retentions & now told call the BT shop - who were closed today, despite the website saying Monday to Friday...

Come on BT...can do better!!! sort your prices out & give the discount on a bigger range, maybe prorata it on different price bracket phones



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Re: BT mobile phone "Discount" at BT shop

Seems to me that you've just summed up how today's so-called competitive market works, not just BT, not just mobile phones, but pretty well everything. Small print is king and shopping around is essential.

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