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BT order cancelled - no refund after 2 months

Hi Everyone


We have ordered a BT Infinity package in late August, which was meant to be activated in September. We then encountered issues switching the line from the current broadband provider (Sky) and after spending hours on the phone, we got told by the BT to cancel the broadband from Sky by ourself, which would cause a period of no activity on the line for up to 14 days.

We then decided to cancel our BT order as it was not worth the whole stress and having to constantly ring them up. We were told we will receive a refund for our order, as we had a right to cancel (Distance Selling Regs). After numerous phone calls from BT in the last two months, we finally got through to a person that seemed to talk some sense and she said that the refund will be finally processed and that it would take up to 7 working days for a transaction to show up in our account. However, after waiting for 7 working days, there is no sign of a refund.

I am really sick and tired of ringing BT every week to try to chase this up and was wondering whether anyone could help please?


Any help would be greatly appreciated


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Re: BT order cancelled - no refund after 2 months

I am sorry to hear about your stress. Unfortunately BT seem a little less concerned about the hassle you have to endure to recieve your legal entitlements.


If your cancelation was within the 14 day "cooling off period" then BT must refund you within 30days.

As your service had not yet started there should be no charges to be deducted from any refund.


If they have indeed failed to refund you within 30 days then they are in breach of the Consumer Rights Act .


Your BT contract enables you to ask for a cheque as a refund if you do not ont want a credit on a future bill.


The BT contract does not state what form of cancelation they accept so they may claim that you have not given a cancelation in writting (by email or letter).


If as you say , they are now in breach of the Consumer Rights Act then the UK Government reccomends that you contact your local Citizens Advice centre or use the helpline on the Citizens Advice website.


Unfortunately it is only by holding BT to account that they are likely to improve customer service or keep the promises they make.


Please let us know how you get on





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Re: BT order cancelled - no refund after 2 months

I have asked a forum moderator to help you they will post their contact link here
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Re: BT order cancelled - no refund after 2 months



Thanks for taking the time to join and post on our Community Forums. I am sorry that you have not received what you were promised. I'd like to get this investigated for you. You can reach us by clicking on my user name and then on contact the mods. We'll get back in touch with you over the next few working days.





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