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BT order

Can anyone help as I feel like I'm going in circles with BT, order was placed on the 14 November 2020 was meant to be completed the 26th November so engineer came out but due to it being a new build had to go to location and planning for the best way to run the line to the property, they come out was decided the best way for it to be put it they where meant to be out the 29th December to commence the work, 29th arrives and no show, so out of the blue they appear on the 7th January completed the work the wire has been dug where it needs to be and now sat outside the property and I would just need an engineer from the island to finish put the telephone box on the wall and I'm good to go, so no updates from the 7th onwards numerous phone calls chasing them to find out what's happening with it for no update for one to come through regarding a mole plough which I don't need I've stated numerous times with BT I don't need a mole plough but seems it's fallen on deaf ears, rings the 20th for an advisor to say they would complete the work yesterday and that would be the end of it all and guess what no one shows up 😠, to ring today to find out the reason the order it stuck is because of this mole plough but it's not something that's actually required, can anyone advise of what to do as I'm going in circles with this 





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Re: BT order

Hi @michaelp9216  welcome to the forum and sorry you are not making any progress in getting your services connected. I've sent you a Private Message with details on how to contact the Mod team and we'll be happy to help get you a meaningful update on your order.



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