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BT process shambles and broken promises

I ordered fibre a year or so ago, BT discovered I was too far from the cabinet to be able to get it so I had to be reverted to my old copper broadband.  Ok, so be it.  Unfortunately, it took many weeks, many many phone calls, and lots of frustration before my broadband came back up again.


Imagine my sinking heart when an engineer turned up out of the blue this Monday to say he had switched me to fibre at the cabinet and now needed to do my house...


My experience with BT last time was so bad, took so long, and held so many broken promises that I decided this time around I would log everything that happened.  This may do no more than allow me to vent my frustrations with BT but hey... you never know!



It all started on 7th May when I ordered the new youview box.  Someone in BT clearly decided that my current 2.8meg speed was not good enough and I would need to be moved to fibre - without my knowledge or acceptance.


11th May

10:00 - My broadband stops working

11:00 - Engineer turns up to say he had switched me to fibre at the cabinet and needed to do the house end

I explained I had not ordered this, and that it would not work anyway as I was too far from the cabinet.  He promised to go straight back to the cabinet and put it back the way it was.  He didn't.  Broken promise number 1.

15:00 - My broadband was still not working so I called BT.  I spoke to 4 different teams and eventually was told that to restore my service it would need to be done by a 'multi-skilled' engineer who only worked in the evenings (I don't know if that's true).  I was told I would get a call tomorrow to check it had been fixed.


12th May

09:00 - Got a call from BT asking if my broadband was working.  It wasn't.  Broken promise number 2.  I was told I would get a call at about 11:00 to update me.  I recieved no such call.  Broken promise number 3.

15:00 - I called BT who told me that, actually, my case needed to be booked with the network team for it to be fixed.  Huh?  What about the promises I had already been given, were they just some support person making things up to shut me up?

I was given a date of 14th May for it to be fixed.  I put up a big fuss saying I didn't have faith in this but was promised faithfully it would be fixed.  I complained so much that I was told a manager would call me in the next three hours.  I recieved no such call.  Broken promise number 4.  

I was also told the support person I was speaking to would ring me on the evening of the 14th to check all was working, I have yet to see if that will happen.


14th May

12:04 - 12:37 - I recieved a call from a different team in BT (presumably the network team) to book someone to fix my problem.  Huh? I was previously told it would be fixed by the 14th not that on the 14th I could book someone to fix it.  Why didn't they just book someone at the time? Arrgghhh.  Broken promise number 5.

I was told I needed to speak with the customer options team (the original team I spoke to).  I did that, and made yet another fuss.  I was told there was nothing they could do, they had to book the appointment, the first available was on the 21st.  I eventually got them to agree to let me speak to a manager.  There was no manager available (surprise surprise) but I was told a manager would call me back within two hours.


So I am on 5 broken promises and 3 days without broadband so far.  I will continue to update this log.

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Re: BT process shambles and broken promises

I will get mod help

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Re: BT process shambles and broken promises

Hi temp7059,


I'm really sorry your broadband has been disconnected, if you need any help with this please use the 'contact the mods' link in my forum profile to send in your details. You can find the link by clicking on my username.



Community ModeratorNeilO
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Re: BT process shambles and broken promises

Ok I confess to being toally stunned, and very pleasently surprised... my broadband is working.  


I am puzzled as to why it's working.  I was told categorically that the only way it would be fixed was by the engineer visit booked for the 21st, and yet here it is working.  Is this the power of social media?  If so, then I welcome it.


Whoever did what, my thanks to you!



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