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BT renewal of any Services


I have just tried to renew my services with BT as of 02/07/2014. my last contract tied me into a 15/16 month period which expires 20/08/2014. I was given the renewal details which alerted me to errors from BT, Half way through last year (August 2013) BT Broadband customers were given free BT Sports, however they then added a £3.00 HD charge to my monthly bill when I did not have an HD TV set. Also as you mentioned, apparent on my monthly bill was another charge for Privacy Services / Caller Display charge of £1.75 which started in January 2014. They said I had accepted it when it was part of some free services therefore they assumed I had caller display and charged me for it. I spent over 2 hours on the phone, once with a very bad accented male who offered and me a 2 month rebate of £3.50 saying that's only what he was allowed to give. My last contact bounced back and fourth between me and his manager, many minutes on hold, and pleasantry told me he could offer nothing accept to cancel caller from today (02/07/2014). Feeling rather annoyed I logged onto the Internet and signed up with PLUSNET a month earlier and than my contract with BT finishes. It has saved me quite a lot of money and would recommend everyone to shop around especially using QUIDCO cash back site. DISGRUNTLED :

Ted Charlton

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Re: BT renewal of any Services

if you decided to take BT sport then you need to have 12 months left on your contract otherwise you needed to contract for another 12 months  provided you did this before 1st August 2013 the bt sports was free and in addition you also got teh HD version for free for a year  are you sure your bill does not show the £3 charge for sports HD and then a rebate of the same £3 - ie it cost you nothing


BT sports is still free if you renew your contract but if you want HD then it will cost you £3 from 1st August


still you have moved to Plusnet which is owned by BT

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Re: BT renewal of any Services

Next time:-

  1. Carefully read all the terms and conditions before you sign up to anything.
  2. When BT contacts you to tell you that they are changing their prices, take note of it.