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BT reward card problems

Apologies if this has already been asked but I did try to search...

I signed up to BT broadband and landline at the end of last year and took advantage of a special offer off £40 M&S voucher and £100 gift card.

Things didnt run smoothly and my broadband took a few extra weeks to go live but I received a month or two free for the trouble which was great.  Once that was all sorted I tried to claim the M&S card and the gift card.

I'm currently furloughed from my work and money is tight as I am sure it is for everyone right now.  I could really use this extra cash but so far BT Reward Card Team have more or less said there isn't anything they can do!

I sorted the gift card using the online chat which seemed really easy to do and I was informed I had 12 months to spend the £100. It arrived in November and I put it away in the drawer (here apparently is where I went wrong)!  So I tried to use the card last week to make a purchase and low and behold it had to be activated within three months.  I wasnt aware that the card had to be activated as I have never had a card like this before let alone a credit card.

Has anyone else had this issue before or can anyone advise me on what I can do. I feel so stupid for putting it away for a rainy day but I was under the impression that I had 12 months to redeem it and now it would come in handy.


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