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BT reward card

After waiting 45 days for my £90 BT reward card to arrive I contacted BT to chase it up. They finally got back to me saying that an 'error' had occured during to processing of it. I now have to wait another 45 days for it to arrive....!! 


Come on BT how can it take 45 days to process and send a card? You can install a phone line into someones house in 7 days. 

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Re: BT reward card

I had a look on the BT website for info on the time it takes for the card to be sent/received, here are the results, all quoted from the BT website:

Claim your reward online using your BT ID. We’ll post your reward within 30 days if you’re successful.

Providing you are eligible, you should receive your BT Reward Card within 30 days of submitting a successful claim.

If you have registered a claim for buying a BT Broadband or BT Infinity product you'll need to wait
approximately 30 days from registering a successful claim to receive your online exclusive reward "(BT
Reward card)"

You should receive your reward within 20 days of claiming.


BT, is this a deliberate ploy to hide the fact that in many cases the cards don't appear to be sent until people start to complain? Its ridiculous to have so many answers to the same question on the BT website. And yet when pushed BT quote 45 days, which is it, 20,30 or 45 days?

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