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BT security procedures not fit for purpose?

Like several others on this community I have had scam phone calls / emails which contain details such as recent technical faults, account numbers that only BT holds.  BT has in the past denied that its information is held insecurely.  On the two occasions it happened to me I informed BT but only received denials that it could have happened.

Today I got a letter form BT telling me that I had requested to change my package - some 8 months before it is due and I had asked to pay three times what I am paying now.  Of course I had one no such thing and had absolutely  no contact with BT at all.

It turns out from talking to BT that on 8.7.20 someone impersonating me had gone onto live chat and passed security with my name and account number.  This person made the change - unknown to me and without my authorisation .  It's very curious because of this had been a fraudster s/he would have gained nothing from it.  only BT would have gained by almost tripling my payments.  It would have been reasonable for the chat agent to have questioned why I was signing up to pay more 8 months before my current deal ends - but apparently not.

When I called to see what was going on BT sent me a text with a number i had to quote to continue.    Yet when unauthorised changes were made to my account there was no text to check, no additional security check - just a letter received 6 days later telling me it was happening.

The only place my BT account number exists is at BT.  I don't quote it anywhere - expect in genuine calls I make to BT and it's not in emails which could be skimmed.  So there are serious questions about BT's security of data and lax procedures altering accounts.

I got the unauthorised changes to my account reversed in a 50 minute long call.

Surprisingly when I wanted to complain the manager apparently said she would not take the call.   I asked for number for BT security and was was given one - which simply redirected me to the call centre.  I asked for a copy of the live chat and was told it would take weeks.

So BT's security checks appear poor, managers show no interest, an apparent fraud number isn't anything of the sort - I wonder where this impersonator and previous fraud attempts got my BT details from?

Judging by BT's reaction today it doesn't care!


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