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BT upgrade package queries

Hello all,


Ah after the great help of finding what was my BT Yahoo Broadband account was, at long last I am wondering what would happen if I were to upgrade the package to the current-day packages.


What would happen to "My Extras" in particular, "BT Mail" as it is labeled?

Well, initially signing up to BT Yahoo Broadband Option 3, I was given additional email address creations which could be used to create an account, this was inclusive and was not charged for I believe. Would I still have this feature available when upgrading?


Secondly, as fibre broadband uses VDLS and how I am connected is FTTC, a router with VDLS would be required I believe? Currently have a router that uses ADSL to connect up to broadband.


Next, I have realised the billing currently for the household is under 2 accounts, both of which are paying line rental?


I wonder if I have been paying x2 line rental all these years:

- 1st account, has phone line and line rental I believe.

- 2nd account, has broadband, but I believe a line rental and phone is also included?


Both are under the same phone line number.


I am wondering has there ever been a situation where the line rental is split from the main package?

The situation to create:

- 1st account as main having line rental and phone package billed.

- 2nd account for broadband billing only.


Lastly, what are the pricing for BT Yahoo Broadband Option 3? I cannot seem to make head or tails of the 1st and 2nd account according to the billing payments at the moment.

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Re: BT upgrade package queries

I have asked a moderator to provide assistance, they will post an invite on this thread.
They are the only BT employees on this forum, and are based in the UK.

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Re: BT upgrade package queries

@Kyo7598 If you have never changed your BT Yahoo broadband over to BT Broadband then this is the reason why it is billed separately to your main BT account but you wouldn't be paying twice for line rental on the one telephone line.  


If you were to upgrade your email would be transferred to the new package and Home hub 5 would be supplied as part of the plan if you chose a FTTC service and this has a VDSL modem built into it.  


If you would like the mod team to check over your account information we can confirm how much your BT Yahoo broadband is costing and make arrangements for this to be upgraded to one of our new plans if you would like to change this.


To send in your details please use the 'contact the mods' link in my forum profile . You'll find the link by clicking on my username .



Community ModeratorNeilO
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Re: BT upgrade package queries

Thank you for a swift reply @NeilO and @Keith_Beddoe!


Ah I see.


So if I did upgrade:


- My email would be transferred to the new package, so I would still have use of the extra email creations that I was initially given? Or would this become a feature that is charged?


- Would upgrading the BT Yahoo Broadband to the new BT Broadband would still have my line rental separated? i.e 1st account that is already paying the line rental and phone shall stay the same. The 2nd account that was created for the broadband will only have to pay the broadband cost not including line rental as the line rental is already paid on the 1st account?


And certainly, I shall send the details over with the query of the broadband cost and what would occur if were to upgrade.

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