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BTcancelled order no warning loss of package and incentives

I am somewhat shocked at the outcome of my 47min call! BT customer care is seriously in question again. I remember why i left years ago,silly to think things had changed.

On the 22nd October I ordered BT infinity fibre, phone line with free sports box, £10 unlimited broadband & weekend calls, with a £125 MasterCard incentive for a 12 month contract. All good as I receive a text telling me order is through and the new line will be active 9th Nov. I then log on to track my order, counting down the days until the engineer arrives between 1-6 on the 9th and arrange the afternoon off.

Doubts did arise when no payment had been made and my current line provider has no info about the switching date. I decided to query and started a BT web chat. This matter quickly became an escalations call to deal with my order being cancelled!

I spoke to a good UK guy who informed me my order had been cancelled (no idea why, complete mystery to all) so would have to be placed again over the phone....this time at almost double cost?

As my order was from an old offer, nearly 2 weeks earlier and was no longer running I had to pay; more for delivery, £3 a month for "free" BT sports and managed to get broadband down to £10.  The £125 giftcard though could not be given or any other equivalent compensation offered. I did suggest free broadband, phones,installations etc, a lot of opportunities available.

I highlighted repeatedly the error was not with me, I had arranged a day off, my order was still tracking for installation as I spoke, totally contradicting all of the information over the phone. If I had been informed the order was cancelled then I still had days to re-apply online and receive the offer. My numerous communications stated though my offer was on its way.

I am sicked at the moment, it seems BT find it is acceptable to treat a new customer in this way, no explanation, apology or simple acknowledgement the error was theirs and they would honor the deal i was accepted for. I am now out of pocket from missing work for a half day, time arranging wires for instalation would have been wasted and on a more serious note. I could have been left with no phone-line or broadband as i had cancelled my existing supplier for that date. Was this level of inconvenience, disruption even acknowledged? of course not.


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Re: BTcancelled order no warning loss of package and incentives

@DCS212 I'm really sorry about the problems with your cancelled order. Did you manage to get this sorted? Our orders team should be able to replicate the same deal as you agreed to before, post back and let me know if you need any help with this.

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