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Bereavement and price query


My father in law passed away 2 weeks ago and I am trying to sort our various bills he was paying.

They are both OAPs and not clued up on anything and they are being taken for a ride by BT and other companies and with finances now being stretched, I am trying to help.

They only have land-line and sports and nothing else. 

BT bill shows

Unlimited minutes £16 per month

Unlimited calls £14 per month

BT sports £43 a month! 

Total £73 per month just for a land-line and a sports channel, nothing else!

I pay that a month for full sky package with movies/sport, broadband and land-line with Sky. 

Now I'm no fool and can see unlimited minutes and calls mean the exact same thing. This is on last 15 months of bills.

The account is in his name, his wife has no clue that he was paying this etc.

My questions are:

1 - Can she cancel the whole thing and not see out a contract that she was not aware of in the first place?

2- have they been doubled charged?

3- if so, could she use that to pay off contract? 

Any help would be great


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Re: Bereavement and price query




What happens to the account

You'll also need to tell us what you want us to do with the account, for example change the name of the account holder or close the account."

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Re: Bereavement and price query

Yeah we have done the form like the thousands of other forms we have had to do. There is nothing on it stating about what happens if the partner was not in agreement with the contract and didn't know about it etc

Also.. Any ideas about the double charge for 15 months? I can only find one forum post which states to someone that this is an error and should be refunded but that was just in relation to one month for that person. 

Just want to get the facts straight as if we don't fight for it they won't willingly give it even though its their mistake etc 

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Re: Bereavement and price query

On the potential double charging I'd call BT & explain the situation as they can change the name/cancel over the phone too & hopefully look into the charges too

I'm sorry but apart from the potential double charging I don't see how they can be getting "taken for a ride". Someone has agreed to the BT sport to begin with & it sounds like they haven't looked at the prices etc in a while & that's not really BT's fault. They have also started contacting out of contract customers once a year too so if they don't respond to that either what can BT do? Whether the other person knew or not is irrelvant as someone agreed to it but the package can be sorted as well through the bereavement process if needed

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