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Billed for BT Sport ... and I HATE sports!

Over the last few weeks BT kept sending me emails about BT Sport.  I contacted them several times to get them to stop. Eventually the emails did stop but this may be because I told my email account that they were spam.  Anyway, I just checked my bank account, and I find that BT have charged me double what they should have because they are charging me for BT Sport!  I have already contacted them over the last few weeks several times telling them that I HATE SPORT but they seem to insist that no only do I have it, but that I must pay for it.  I tried phoning BT and using their online chat about this, but still I can't get rid of this or stop them charging me for it.  I'm writing this in desperation that some BT person will see this and 1. cancel the wretched sport from my account for once and for all and 2. refund me for the sport I have been charged for which I never asked for and which I most certainly never watched.  This seems to be my only recourse at the moment because I can't get hold of BT by any other method.  Grrr.... Someone please help!!

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Re: Billed for BT Sport ... and I HATE sports!

phone customer options 0800 800 030 and tell them yo u want to cancel BTSport
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