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Billed for services never received. Order #VOL0xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Hi, I'm writing today in regards to an email I've been sent regarding an account I've closed with BT. I've tried, and been unable to find anyone able to listen in a format where I'm able to detail my qualms with BT coherently. As a last resort I figured I'd post it here in hopes of it being forwarded to someone able to do something about it.
I'm positively outraged at the sheer cheek of BT, billing me £97 for services that I quite frankly never received. The insulence and ignorance required to add that 'you hope [I] was happy with the service [I] received' speaks volumes of the companies performance both in my case and others, as a lazy eye on recent news would confirm.
Found below is a copy of a complaint I forwarded through the online 'help' when I initially informed the company of my intention to leave. Within it is my justification for non-payment of the bill. I would also like to add that when I contacted BT staff via the phone on March 17th to cancel I was not informed of any early cancellation fees.
Complaint dated March 16th 2017:
'So, initially, i placed an order for landline, broadband and tv services on the 14th of february. Prior to moving in to my new home on March 4th. I wanted a set top box delivered on the 6th and an engineer out on the 8th so my broadband and tv services would be ready to go.

It is, however, the 16th at the time of complaint and I still have no idea when my services will start. It doesn't feel any closer.

I have spoken to representatives of the company on the phone 3 times, being passed from pillar to post on every occasion, usually having gone through the rigmarole of answering the same questions on the live chat every time whilst being told 'dont worry I'm going to help you'. Ultimately, I never find out anything new apart from 'we cant process your order until the phone line is up and running.' Followed by varied responses from different team members on when and why that is.

On the 15th, I finally lost my temper. I received a text and an email telling me my phone line was now live. With my trust in the companies competence already wavering, i chose to contact someone (anyone, at this point) who might be able to streamline the process with this new information. After explaining my situation on live chat for what must be the 4th or 5th time in my short time with BT, I spoke to a chap called matthew on the live chat who promised me he, himself, would call me back at 3.30 on the 15th with a definitive answer as to when you can start my tv and broadband.

Almost unsurprisingly at this point, i never heard from matthew the day after, much like the scottish lady I'd spoken to a week earlier who promised me a call back the following day so i'd 'have one consistent point of contact' to help me through the difficulties. Despite telling numerous colleagues that the only days I would be available to have an appointment with an engineer would be the 17th and 18th before I travel out of the country, i am faced with the prospect of spending yet another day off on the phone with your 'customer services'. (Somewhat inappropriately named, it seems).

Now faced with the prospect of 2 weeks where I cannot progress, I'm starting to think it'd be easier to simply change provider and go with Sky or Virgin Media.

What I'd like to know, by tomorrow, is what incentive do I have to stay with BT? Will BT be compensating me for this process, and perhaps the extra data my partner and I have had to buy due to our lack of working internet? Will I have to complain every time i want to make account changes?'
The last paragraph is obviously no longer relevent. I now have full functioning TV, phone and broadband services with Sky. It took them 17 minutes over the phone to set up and was set up within 2 weeks. By contrast, it took 21 minutes on a no doubt expensive line simply trying to find someone who could cancel my account. Laughably, it seems they couldn't even do that right.
Further information; I have no intention of dealing with BT, I would appreciate if, upon resolution of this issue, that I never receive any further contact from your company. Particularly if you are seeking feedback on your customer services, as you would not like to read what I have to say.
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Re: Billed for services never received. Order #VOL0xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

This is a customer to customer self help forum posts made here do not go to BT although the forum is moderated by BT not every post is read

Phone calls to BT are free

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Re: Billed for services never received. Order #VOL0xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Hi @Csimmo91 Welcome to the forum and sorry that you had so many problems trying to get connected with us. 


We will be happy to help you with this if you send us your details. You can contact us by clicking on my user name and selecting contact the mods.


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