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Billing Error -will cause overdraft

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In April 2019 my broadband dropped out and I called BT to activate a BT minihub I had received for a previous issue. I was told that the minihub had been activated and I was able to get on line.

The following day I received email messages saying I was about to reach my mobile limit, then a further email saying I had breached the limit and had incurred £103 in charges. I don't have a BT mobile so called BT to query this. I was told to ignore the emails - they were clearly a phishing attempt. I reported them as phishing. 

The same day I researched the issue and realised the mobile number mentioned in the emails was connected to my minihub. I called the relevant time to ensure the minihub had been activated and was told it had not be fully completed - thus the charge. The charge, I was assured, would be removed.

A few days later I noticed that £103 charges had been added to my account online. I called BT to report the issue, to get the charges removed from the account. However BT staff said they couldn't do this, they'd never seen the issue before and had no idea how to get the charges removed from the account, but of course I wouldn't actually be charged - when the bill came through the charges would be discounted. The solution that BT proposed was to "pull" my bill when it was created on 7 or 8 July and check that the charges had been removed - a manual solution from a major corporation - forgive me if I doubted this as the best possible solution.

In early July I looked at my account online, prior to the bill being finalised. It proclaimed charges in the region of £260, which didn't include the £103. The £103 was still showing on a breakdown however, so I was still concerned about the charge. The bill was finalised on 8 July - £369 to be debited on 16 July - including £103 charges in error.

So the manual option failed. I have been on to customer service team and I am being told £103 has been credited to my account. Still not good enough. 

Who can ensure that I will either just be charged the amount I am due to pay, or ensure that £103 is paid to my bank account by BT prior to BT deducting the £369? BT have known about this issue for months. 





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Re: Billing Error -will cause overdraft

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Hi @Myrealname Thanks for posting and welcome to the community. I'm really sorry you've been incorrectly charged, if a credit has been applied then the reduced balance is normally collected via direct debit. If you'd like the Mod team to check that this has been done we'll be happy to help. 

I've sent you a Private Message with details on how you can get in contact with the mod team.

Community ModeratorNeilO
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