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Bizzare notice period from BT

I have received the price change increase on Monday so I called in today to give notice of cancellation.

My intention is to terminate and switch to a new provider on the 21 of March.

I was given an alternative offer better than the one on line however this is still higher than going someone else so I told the operator to put the notice in.

With my suprise the operator told me I need to call in tomorrow as the switch has to happen within 30 days. This makes no sense to me as you can always give more notice than the minimu,

Furthermore he has told me that if it takes longer cancellation charges will apply

this to me is a total non sense. If I quit a job and my minimum notice is 90 days I can still give notice 100 days earlier if I wish why is this different with BT??

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Re: Bizzare notice period from BT

You have to give 30 days notice to cancel, and BT cannot increase the price for you during those 30 days.  If you carry on using the broadband beyond the 30 days, you are assumed to have accepted BT's price rise, and all that entails.  Since you have accepted BT's price rise, you no longer have any reason to cancel.


If it weren't the case, then on the first BT price rise, you could give BT some vague indefinite intention to cancel at some point in the future, thus making a mockery of the whole idea of a minimum contract period.

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Re: Bizzare notice period from BT

Ectophile I have paid line rental saver this is why I wanted to migrate at a given time. In essence I would have needed to call BT today instead of yesterday this is a bit silly

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Re: Bizzare notice period from BT

I have received this email from BT confirming the move on the 21st of March which is 31 days from when I called in


Charges for ending your contract early
You won't have to pay any charges for ending your contract.


So all looks good

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